Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Too Many Pies Not Enough Fingers

Oh y'all, I know you're looking around and wondering where things have gone. Has she decided to change it up again???

Oh c'mon, you know the answer... YES. I've got another wild hair up my hiney, and it's all about change and I'm cleaning out and clearing out and organizing... Hubby has so got his hands full, he's going to be begging to work at a morgue or McDonald's or cleaning Port-A-Potty's by the time I'm finished with this kick I'm on. Poor bugger. I already had him clean out his magazine stack by the bed (five hours later...) and I've got plenty more that I'm determined to straighten up (and out!!!) room-by-tiny-overcrowded-room.

And in the interest of leaving no stone unturned, I will not stop at my hearth and home, but will extend my mid-life crisis need for change to my blog. A lot of things are staying the same this time, some are in the process of change. Anything you miss, will most likely return somewhere else when all is said and done. But, it's not all said and done yet... I haven't sung, so it can't be over!

I've decided to consolidate, and make things easier, more functional, and bottom line ~ scale down. I've had my fingers in too many pies trying to be too many things, and I have had enough. SO, I'm closing things down, like my MySpace page... I simply don't have time. A bunch of the social networks have to go too. Because as it stands, I don't have enough time to be social. I'm simply listed and parked in a bunch of places with no time to utilize any of the benefits that being in these places could provide if I wasn't spread so thin I was translucent.

I'm also giving up most of the advertising. It's not doing me much good, and after giving it a good long try I'm giving it up ~ for the most part. I'm keeping a few things. Few meaning three. I'm keeping adsense cause it's content related so it changes. I'm keeping Amazon, cause dammit, they have everything over there. And I'm keeping Noodle and Boo cause they have great products and donate part of every sale to charity... that works for my philanthropic self.

And as for the tabbed pages ~ they will be back; I can rebuild them. Better, stronger, faster, and I won't even need Oscar Goldman's help...

Who knows, one day I may actually be fully satisfied with how the blog has turned out, and settle on only updating the posts... what a sad day that will be for hubby... time to focus on other things, like what's going on in the rest of the house? OMG, he may not survive if that happens! Then again, I'll have to overcome my less than before schedule which means that where my schedule was loose, now it's nonexistent. So maybe this is my way of trying to restore order to the chaos that is living with an unemployed hubby. Registered & Protected


Brittany said...

NEVER be satisfied. It's boring.

The Retired One said...

I love your ideas of what you plan to do on your blog. I will await your changes!
Run that poor hubby around...he needs to see how much you do when he is off work with you...he will appreciate you that much more!
The Retirement Chronicles

Military Momz said...

I definitely need to do some "cleaning" and consolidating also. I also have an unemployed husband. He has only worked a handful of jobs since he was 15, whereas I have had more jobs in 1 year than he has had his whole life. Every place he has worked but 2 (and 1 of those was when he was 15) has shut down.