Saturday, January 29, 2011

Because Sometimes I Remember That I Have A Blog...

Über GooberImage by DR000 via FlickrI know, y'all.

I'm sorry.

It has yet again been an obnoxiously long time since I have posted.

Life and its many ups-n-downs just keep rolling along, and sometimes I don't feel things are appropriate to share, cause I'm good like that and I suck like that. Which may be why y'all keep reading... I'm not easy... in more ways than one.

I'll try to catch you up... nutshell version, cause I have more to tell you than what has already been.

I'm still homeless, but I have a set place to park, and the owner is totally ok with it (SCORE!) I'm still unemployed, but have apps in EVERYWHARE! Also, the owner of where I park is interested in getting me a job with the sheriff's  department as a dispatcher (which is right up my job-history alley, so SCORE again). My daughter moved with ex-hub back to northern California and is doing brilliantly (SCORE), and my son, who is living with the Tex-ex and his new wife is doing very well also and growing-up so fast (SCORE).

OK, and now for the huge news... I met someone... online...

*pauses so my mother can stop hyperventilating and shouting at the computer because we've been here before*

...and he's awesome as far as I'm concerned, which is cool, cause I'm awesome as far as he's concerned...

Turns out, I'm so damn awesome that he's coming down here... to stay.

*tosses Mom the smelling salts*

To be honest, he was already looking at coming to Houston~ish cause our economy isn't as fucked as the rest of the country's.

But, that's all I'm willing to share here about him and all of this... for now.

As I get myself back on track and into the real world, I will expound further and more often, but for now, I'll leave you with this:

I'm Happy. Super Happy. Uber-goober Happy.

And I am well aware that this is the honeymoon phase, and I'm not giving up my goals or the future I've already been working on and planning... I'm just adding him to it... the vision I have of what my life will become.

And for now, that is all I need... and God will provide the rest.

Blessings until next time!

*sits back and waits for the phone to ring cause Mom wants ALL the dirty details* Registered & Protected
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

6 Things I've Learned Since the Last Post

Back to SchoolImage via WikipediaIt seems like a month of Sundays since I've filled you all in...

Eh, life got better, then worse, and now I'm back at ground zero starting my rebuild yet again.

Must have been messing up... or God shut those doors to open new ones, which is my personal hope.

School started up again, so I'm back on the computer regularly after taking most of the holiday season to not even crack the laptop bag open. Which, I have to say, was actually kind of nice.

More than two days of unplugged suited me... and depressed the hell outta me. Nobody comments on my journal. And God isn't always the best conversationalist.

But here's what I've learned since I've last been here:

1. Beauhunks hate Yankees more than they hate bad meat.

2. My ex is Sybil, and my friends are golden.

3. I'm stronger, tougher, more frightened, lazier, more greedy and more full of love and faith than even I realized.

4. It's tougher than I knew sometimes to find people that I don't annoy.

5. You have to acknowledge the feelings you want to throw in the garbage or they won't go away.

6. Having a set place to sleep at night is priceless.

Blessings and a beautiful Happy New Year to you all... I'll write with actual details again soon. =D Registered & Protected
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