Monday, April 20, 2009


I know I have a lot of readers that are also bloggers themselves, and I have to ask you a question: Did you ever have to censor what you blogged about?

OMG, y'all I'm over here biting my tongue in two and binding my fingers because there are things that I can't blog about. I don't know who or how much or when it will be read, but eventually it will get back to someone who has an opinion that I actually give a damn about. So I have to shut-up. I know my regulars are over there saying, "Damn, she actually has a line she won't cross? Miss Poison Pen 2009 is gonna refrain from land blasting someone?!?" And to you I say, yes, yes I am.

Despite all my rantings and (sometimes funny) psychotica where I go off about this or that, there's an actual injustice or irritation that oh so many can relate to. Besides, I don't usually give names of specific people; companies, yes, but not the actual name of the person I dealt with at the company, so that 5 months from now, when my grievance makes it's way around the universe and gets back to the actual person on the other end of the transaction that I've written about, they are known throughout the blogosphere by name, rank and serial number. I don't do that. Despite the fact that they've irked me enough to blog about it, I'm not out to do the other person damage or harm. That would be mean-spirited and cruel. I may be an angry woman, but I try to not be cruel about it.

That said, can you tell that I'm dying over here not telling you what happened this weekend in graphic, hilarious detail? Let me see if I can censor it...

During a visit by 'name of male or female deleted to protect the person who may or may not have been related to anyone in this family', this person made a couple of moves so completely boneheaded that I, among others in attendance, wanted to do this anonymous person physical harm. I can not go into detail about either the boneheaded moves (plural) or the type of physical harm for either would give away too much detail about both the bonehead and the incidents themselves. All I can say is that they were so over the top that newborn crack babies would have known better.

The other 'piss-me-off' this weekend involved another person or persons altogether but included me falling for some of the same shit from the same person or persons, cause ya know, I want to believe that things change. But then they don't and I feel like a total blockhead for not seeing the same exact situation as several other times and still having hope that this time it WILL be different. Then I want to do the physical harm mentioned in the paragraph above to myself for being so stupid. Luckily, this particular course of dumbass doesn't cost us anything except my own pride being wounded and turning me into a bitch for a little while... and hey, if hubby isn't used to that by now, then he REALLY hasn't been paying attention... At All.

Wow, upon re-reading, there was nothing humorous in either of the censored descriptions at all. If this is how the 50's were, it's no wonder all the housewives were on barbiturates, it's the only way they'd be able to find humor in anything, not to mention toning down the (albeit fleeting) desire to slit-one's-throat that can only be found in stay at home parenting... and relationships... and hey, sometimes life in general... Registered & Protected


Brittany said...

That's like a tease. I'm going to be dying to find out the acts that happened. GRRRR!

Anonymous said...

This whole post means nothing without at least a description of the actions unless the actions are so personal they would identify the parties.....wheres the FUN!

Aria said...

Brittany and Anon ~ Exactly my point! It's as frustrating from a blogger's stance as it is from the reader's.

Yours in Co-frustration,

Angelika said...

Yes, there are things about which I will not write.

Then there are things where I just change the names. Not that any of the IDJITS that I write about even know how to use a computer or find my blog, but other people might know them, LOL.

The Retired One said...

Dang. Now I need to know the situation and the people involved. You tease, you.
So, lets see...maybe you can write it like a fairy tale? The big bad witch can be who it was and then you can write it like that??? (Puh...leeeeeze?) (You are supposed to say please like in Roger Rabbit voice).

The Retirement Chronicles

Military Momz said...

Your posts are just too good to be censored!!!!

Wanted to let you know I gave you an Attitude of Gratitude award at my blog!