Wednesday, April 8, 2009

...and Your Little Dog of a Don't Follow Link Too! *updated*

The Bloggess, whom I love to read, cause she's a twisted-nut on her own site... and a toned down twisted nut on the Houston Chronicle blog channel, Good Mom/Bad Mom, has a new blog ~ on PNN ~ called Ask the Bloggess. As always I loved her post, so I left a comment.

At the bottom of the comment section there is a box that you either check (or uncheck, I can't remember now, as it's been a couple of days) to follow the comments. I made sure I did the opposite. If I feel the need to follow comments on any blog, I simply go back to the post comments later and check them. I never, ever "follow comments" cause I detest checking my email, seeing 78 new messages and having 75 of them be the 'hey new comment on such and such a post' crap-mails. I learned that lesson many moons ago when I first started blogging.

Ever since leaving my brilliant comment, I have been on the receiving end of so many 'following Ask the Bloggess' emails from my new nemesis PNN that I finally went round the friggin bend this morning. Here's why... When you click the link that offers to Unsubscribe if you listened the first time you mofo's I wouldn't have to click this friggin link in one of my 789876 following comments emails you from these gnats of the cyberworld; you are redirected, NOT to anywhere that you can modify the obvious glitch on their end... No... You are sent to their homepage where there is no place whatsoever to unsubscribe anything ~ at least that I could find, and yes, I've had my coffee this am.

They do however have an in-site search, so I try that. To which PNN mocked me openly when it gave me pages of options, none of which had anything at all to do with unsubscribing to comments.

After way too much valuable time wasted on this annoying bullshit getting nothing but runaround from the site, I finally located a contact link. I sent off this exact email:

Hey Editor,

If I didn't love the Bloggess, I would never ever return to your site! I added one comment to her debut post on your site, checked (or unchecked I can't remember now) the box to make sure I was NOT FOLLOWING COMMENTS and I've been flooded with comment emails ever since... AND I can not find where to make them stop! I clicked the link in the email to unsubscribe and it takes me to your homepage which is SUPER UNHELPFUL cause there's nowhere to unsubscribe listed. AND when I type in unsubscribe in the search bar, I get a bunch of unrelated posts listed.

So far, my experience with your site sucks big fat donkey rocks. And I'll be sure to let MY blog readers know that if they ever visit this place to NOT COMMENT cause they will be flooded with CRAP-MAILS.

Now that I've made my point Perfectly Clear, UNSUBSCRIBE ME TO COMMENTS!!!

Pissed off and going to be vocal about it~

So my dear friends and readers, if you would like to read Jenny the Bloggess on her new blog Ask the Bloggess which is BloggessTypical in it's hilarity, despite PNN I refuse to give those annoying SOBs one more linkback, at this point, I'd rather have dental work totally sucking big fat donkey rocks in this capacity you totally have to read the Bloggess wherever you can find her. Obviously though, I caution you, for the sake of your inboxes, don't comment on that particular post. You're better off going back to her personal blog, The Bloggess and leaving your comment there... At least that's my pissy-completely-flooded-email-inbox-opinion.


I just got this email reply:

Hey Aria,

I hear you, you're right and I'm really, really sorry.

Shortly after Jenny's debut, we changed the default to unchecked, for Following Comments, preventing what is happening to you.

Again, I'm really sorry -- and I hope you will consider leaving comments again without fear of being pelted.

And I will make sure you are unsubscribed to Jenny's comment stream.

I hope you're a little less pissed?

Leigh at

If nothing else, I gotta give em points for prompt attention to email bitchiness. This came in 26 minutes after I sent off the complaint... Well played, Leigh. Well played indeed. Registered & Protected


The Retired One said...

Geez, Louise....what the heck was their goal? (obviously to piss people off?)..well, guess what? worked!

It is almost as frustrating as calling customer service somewhere and getting no live being and a menu that is 42 choices long. They figure you will get so exhausted, you will just give up!
Thanks for the advice...I will heed it carefully!
The Retirement Chronicles

Pearl said...

Now YOU'RE a woman who writes a purposeful complaint letter! Good job!!


Funny post, girl.


Wendy said...

Dude, this totally happened to me, too. Do you have any idea how many people commented on there?

I got over a hundred emails (arrrgghhhh!).

Aria said...

The Retired One ~ people actually listen to me? Buhwhahahahaha I may have to attempt to take over the world!

Pearl ~ Thank you, that is the product of many years of office work mated with natural bitchiness...

Wendy ~ Yes, right?!? This is why I never follow comments (esp to the Bloggess cause she gets a bazillion comments!)