Monday, August 25, 2008

Honeymoons and Marriage

I have recently been accused of being married to my computer. And while I understood what my husband meant, I felt he was inaccurate. I am married to him, I am honeymooning with my computer.

When you've been married for any length of time, the all-encompassing zing fades out and you go about your daily lives doing what must be done in the day-to-day. You may talk during the day, but sometime in the evening or later, you both wind up in the same dwelling, eat something, talk a bit about your day's activities, watch some TV, play with the kids, clean everyone and everything up and go to bed. It still takes some work and you schedule aside time to be with each other, but it evolves into a comfortable day-in, day-out routine of sorts. Some of your interests intersect and others do not. If you're secure in yourself and your partner, you allow each other time for certain interests, whether they involve your participation or not. Life goes on. You're married.

My computer and I, however are honeymooning. I wake up every day ready to spend time with it. I find myself seeing it for hours even when I hadn't planned to see it at all. I send my husband to bed with a quick kiss and stay up very, very late cajoling it to do what I want when it's being temperamental. My friends and family get scheduled in around my computer time or they don't get through, unless of course they email me. Things I used to do on a regular basis have taken something of a backseat to it. My home is still clean, but I no longer spend my time making it immaculate, because I have to get back to my computer. When I'm out, I wonder if I have any email, and I look at things to buy for my computer. It even has a pet name, I call it my 'puter. I would say I was having an affair with my 'puter, but hubby knows all about my infatuation.

To be fair, he started this honeymoon of mine when he was off having a few of his own with his pastimes. But when ever our different honeymoons become difficult, we always have each other to talk to. We gripe for this reason or that, venting our frustrations about our private love-lives to each other as we watch a movie or eat dinner. Then we feel better, having decompressed our emotions, and we can get back to our 'loves' with renewed affection and attention. We're able to do this because we know that one day, inevitably, the zing will die and we'll move on to newer, fresher 'loves' to fill our days. Brand new honeymoons will emerge on the horizon to keep us from being monotonous. And we'll still have each other, because hubby and I are not honeymooning; we're married.


Jesus of Zion said...

This is an awesome bolg and I RELATE!.. hahaha.

Thank you for a littel wit with your wisdom.. It's refreshing!!!


fiftypushing said...

This is more honest than most of us like to be! I too love my computer but ration myself during the day only. Hubby doesn't mind if I read blogs at night though - as long as I am sitting next to him on the couch! I do sneak to it in the middle of the night sometimes though - but then that's the insomnia that goes with menopause. Brilliantly written stuff.

sewsue19 said...

The only thing that saves me from having my husband growl about all my computer time is HIS computer time! It is amazing how entranced I get going from one site to another, as if I had nothing else to do all day!! I love the way you write and it always makes me chuckle or smile or outright laugh. Keep up the great blogs!