Friday, April 10, 2009

LMFAO Friday ~ Good Friday Edition

Happy Good Friday, y'all! In light of the religious nature of this weekend, my original thought was to make sure I only posted "G-rated" pics and comments. Then again, the title of this weekly feature already has the Big-Daddy of all standardized cuss words, so I'm not sure how "G-rated" I could get. I mean it's not like I'm shooting the Easter Bunny, or anything...

However, I do have a highly controversial question for the Pope... John Paul II would have totally been able to answer this one... and besides, it's good to question your faith sometimes...

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Excuse me, Mr Pope, *sneezeBenedictwasatraitorduhwecallthataNameFailsneeze*
Sir, I have a very important Easter question for you. If Jesus died on Friday, and came back to life on Sunday, wouldn't that, ummm...
technically... make Jesus... a zombie?

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Fans always think this, but only a true fan will go this far!

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" then I comment to the new groomer that this dog has the heart of a lion, and when I pick up Pongo, he looks like this!"

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Obviously a development so new and shocking that it required taxpayer money to create a sign, although I'm sure this kind of thing is already factored in the budget in Arkansas... or was it Mississippi? Damn, you know, wherever Deliverance was set...

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"Estate Sale" just sounded so hoity-toity...

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Jeff was always fearful that he'd be fired if his boss found out about his Dyslexia.

And if you're celebrating this weekend, Happy Easter!

ps. Smart parents make a master list of where the eggs are hidden if they're real hard-boiled eggs... otherwise, one beautiful day in June may become the worst in the life of your nose due to one poorly thrown ball or inquisitive dog... Just tryin' to look out for y'all... Registered & Protected


Mel Fraase said...

Oh, how I love Failblog! Your comments just make them better - thanks for the laugh!!! And the thoughts on zombies ;)

The Retired One said...

These were freeking funny! Shouldn't we call the Humane Society about that dog's haircut? I think I love your comments even more than the photos!
Have a wonderful Easter with the Whirlwind...I am sure he will LOVE finding those Easter eggs you are going to hide for him!
My grandkids are coming the following weekend..and I get to babysit them alone for the first time (their mama doesn't leave them often!) Can't wait!
Nathan ( 6 y.o. going on 30) will be just fine...he is a great kid..and not hyper at all...but his little sister (Miranda) is 19 months and you can see the devil in her eyes already...she is very mama attached (still nursing) so this ought to be fun! (BTW, how do you tell a 19 mo. old that this milk bar has been closed for a looooong time???) haha
Happy Easter to you and your family, dear Aria...I wish you the best of Easters.
The Retirement Chronicles

Melissa said...

LMAO! I love the one about the "Dangerous water".... reminded me of when my in-laws were training their dog... and had an invisible fence installed. well, when you have one of those fences, we need to posted a sign warning people. The sign read "Invisible fence on property".... and where, do you suppose, they placed this sign.... you got it... on their fence!!!! Cracked me up every time I saw it! Have a great weekend!

Military Momz said...

Great post! I havent been around much this past week and have been reading and catching up on everything. Wishing you a happy Easter! We were talking about the hard-boiled eggs yesterday. My brothers used to hide them really well and then forget. Oh, the great times we had when we were kids!

Aria said...

Mel Fraase ~ Thank you for coming and commenting!

The Retired One ~ Thank you dah-link. Hope your Easter was wonderful!

Melissa ~ Great story, thank you for the LOL!

Military Momz ~ Yes, we encountered one of those unexpected nose-bombs one fine summer day... ever since then, LIST! lol Hope your Easter was wonderful as well!