Monday, August 18, 2008

Stereo Junkie

Let me start by saying that my husband is a stereophile, or as I like to call him, a stereo junkie. He gets Stereophile and several other stereo equipment magazines. It is not uncommon for our only weekend outing together to include a Best Buy a Circuit City and a Tweeter store. I have unwillingly and unwittingly learned more about AV & stereo equipment than I ever cared to learn.
If he's 'gone missing' I'm almost certain to find him in the back room re-reading something about equipment from the stack by his side of the bed. The one that's becoming so scarily tall that I'm afraid our toddler will one day knock into it and be buried until he hits puberty.
I've come to believe that if I want more attention from my husband, I'll need to break down and get full body tattoos of stereo specifications... well, on one side, on the other will be a tool catalogue (he's a mechanic by trade).
What has baffled me from almost our first meeting is how detail oriented he is. I, for the most part, couldn't care less about details. I'm a general knowledge kind of gal, and I understand the workings and nuances fairly quickly with just a general brushing over of a subject, I can even converse and seem fairly well read on a subject with just a few articles. At least knowledgeable enough for party chit chat type of conversation or a basic phone call.
My husband, however, wants to know every minute and minuscule detail of every subject he delves into. He can (and will) talk you deaf on the intricate workings of integrated amplifiers and exactly why any one brand is better than the other and, why you shouldn't get the same brand speakers as the integrated amp (which is different entirely from just an amplifier!), but these brand speakers because their ohm ratio is better... you get the point, I won't torture you like he tortures me.
He wants the nitty gritty and I want the big picture. Kind of funny how the universe tends to put opposites like us together. Of the couples that we know, most of them are like us, one is all about the trees and the other is all about the forest. Although, when it comes to stereo equipment, I believe that my hubby is all about the veins on the leaves on the branches on the trees that eventually he will come to realize is actually in a forest.
Then comes the extensive performance testing whenever we get something new home, be they speakers or just the wires themselves. This takes several hours while he tries out everything from Sade to Pink Floyd to Chris Isaak, and marvels aloud about the better sound from whatever purchase has been made...over the ear shattering-head splitting-window rattling-dishes falling out of the cabinet volume levels that he prefers to test the new products at.
I guess true love is knowing that you're married to a stereo junkie, and instead of staging a full scale intervention, you put on your walking shoes, stock the diaper bag to capacity and leave the system on with a CD playing on full repeat so it will be warmed up whenever you make it home from every equipment store in a 100 mile radius. Ain't love grand?

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Georgie said...

OMG! I truly understand Aria. I grew up with him. Back then he was a car stereo junkie. All in all it was the same thing. Ear splitting and bass boomimg till your head wanted to explode. You know he stayed across town and when he would come and visit in his little red car you can hear him when he turned off the hwy onto our road and that was about a half mile or so maybe a little less not much though. I always told my husband put out another plate for dinner cause I hear Darrell comming. he would ask how did you know I was comming over. I laughed in a giggly way and told him that his stereo was so loud we felt your bass and then we heard you. I love my brother and all but I think he gets a bit carried away with certain things he is interested in. but gotta love him. I miss being close by so that yall can visit anytime yall felt like it. Hey well I will send you some ear plugs if that will help. ;-)

Talk to you later.
Love and Light
love Georgie