Thursday, April 2, 2009

Smart and Worth Reading, Are You Talkin' To Me?

I've received the Smart Blogger award and the Worth Reading award, and I didn't have to steal either one... Honest! Joan at The Retirement Chronicles bestowed both awards on me over the past few days... in part because she's racking up followers and awards at an nauseating astounding rate. Not surprising because she's funny, she's easy to read, she's got great pictures, and she's following her passion which people can tell with one post, so they're flocking to her. I'd be uber-jealous, but she's so cool, that I'm genuinely happy for her. I was tapped by Ms. Joan back in December for some advice, and she's never ever forgotten it, so I was super lucky cause I was wearing my Nice Hat that day and managed to garner her favor. Honestly, y'all, I don't know how many of you are reading me that don't read The Retirement Chronicles, but if you aren't, your loss. And I don't mean that snarkily, I mean it honestly... You Are Loosing Out cause you'll really enjoy the read if you head on over there.

And now onto my bling *winkwink* (you have to say bling like the mom in Transformers or it's not really bling. That's my story... you know the rest of the line)

This award is known as the "Worth Following" Award! This award, as the name suggests, is given to blogs that you would highly recommend to other readers. Give this award to three of your favorite blogs, ones you make a point of reading as often as possible!

When you nominate them, you have to write a short description (just a few sentences) about the blog and why you are nominating the blog. Link to each of your choices, as well as the the blog that nominated you!

1. Link the one who gave this award and let them know you posted it.
2. Pass this to as many Smart Bloggers as you can think of and make sure to write something about them (like why you think they are a Smart Blogger).
3. Let them know they have an award by dropping them a comment on their blog.

OK, and the newly awarded (y'all get both awards!) are:

Brittany at Barefoot Foodie. Brittany has recently changed over her entire layout and moved over to WP, but the writing is as fantastic as ever... In fact, it's almost too good... slightly intimidating for other blog authors. Intimidation factor aside, she's the reason I added a blogroll when I first started. A must read.

Jen at jennsylvania. Jen is a well known author. She has another book tour coming up for another book that's coming out. I love her blog for it's wit and great writing. It isn't super consistent cause, let's face it, who would be consistent with book tours and publishing commitments going on... but when she does post, it's a great read.

Captain Dumbass at Us and Them. Yes, that's really what he posts under, I'm not being a bitch. for a change He cracks me up and he's the HE part in the He Blogs/She Blogs series. Also, right now, (till Friday) he's got an Eden giveaway going on, so head on over! Registered & Protected


Captain Dumbass said...

I'm a bling whore, so thank you very much. Too bad I'm so rotten about handing them out.

The Retired One said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out, Aria. I stopped by one of the blogs you also awarded, and joined thanks for the lead to her blog, too!!