Thursday, February 12, 2009

Best Buy Why Can't I Quit You

I know I've already stated the obvious... Best Buy=EVIL.

Bin Laden sent his minions to attack us because he went into a Best Buy. I just know it.

There's a spell that comes over one upon entering the big glass doors of the bold blue and yellow. It's hallowed ground for electronics junkies, and I thought there were siren songs coming over the sound system ~ I was wrong. Siren songs only effect men...

Last night, we're in Best Buy looking at TVs cause hubby has been on this kick since last year, when he upgraded the sound system to concert-hall proportions. He 'needed' a big new, 40 inch True HD TV (trumpets blowing, angels descending from heaven singing hallelujah chorus) to complete the home theater. Can you see the year-long eye roll going on over here (as he would research and read and bring home printouts and talk about features and functions and plasma vs. LCD and model numbers that I couldn't remember or differentiate under threat of torture) ?

People, we live in an itty-bitty trailer. So to say that it seems an unlikely place for one of the most well built and fully researched home theater systems available is an understatement of Biblical proportions. Since 'we're not in the middle of nowhere, but we can see it from here' (thank you Louise Sawyer for that line) in little said trailer, with all it's shabbier-than-chicness, and in it's tiny well worn living room sits a shining year-old home theater system to end all systems...

And now, thanks to EVILEVILEVIL Best Buy (I like that running 'evil' together like that also spells out vile. It's that too.) and it's hypnotic effect on ALL that cross it's threshold, the system is now complete with a big ole 40 inch true HD LCD TV (trumpets blowing, angels descending from heaven singing hallelujah chorus) focal point. Never mind that in our small living room, it looks as large as an IMAX screen.

Here's the rub; we were looking at one TV, hubby ran off to get a salesperson and by the time he came back, I had found one with a better picture, that was "on sale" to the tune of $200 more than the first one. It had better features too. And I pointed it out.

Happy. To. Help. Sucked in. Another mindless puppet of the Best Buy machine. fuck

And now, I'm going to have to re-watch every movie we own to bask in it's big ole 40 inch true HD LCD TV (trumpets blowing, angels descending from heaven singing hallelujah chorus) amazingness. double fuck

And since I'm the one that found the one we got, I can't even complain about how much it cost. triple fuck

Hubby is thrilled down to his socks.

Game. Over. Checkmate Best Buy. Registered & Protected


The Retired One said...

Ahh! But if you are tired and don't want to have sex for a while, he won't even care. Because for him, THIS is probably better than the kinkiest sex EVER. (Lord knows he probably fantasized more about the TV before you got it anyway!). Have FUN with the new gadget! Heck, its a lonnngggg winter yet, so now you've got a new toy! Congrats! (Did you name it yet?)

1stopmom said...

Lucky you!!! I tagged you on my blog.

Aria said...

Retired One ~ Oh yeah, no porn required... at this point any one of his "top 5" could offer him sex and they'd get nowhere. LOL

1StopMom ~ thanks for the tag! This was a fun one!

Aria said...

ps. Y'all know what the "top 5" thing is, right?