Monday, March 2, 2009

Getting Ready, Winners and a Wisenheimer Apology

Happy Monday, Y'all! I'm over here running around like a chicken with my head cut-off getting everything ready for my Girl's arrival tomorrow... We're both SOOOOO excited.

I (with hubby's help~ OK, a LOT of hubby's help) got the back room cleaned out, so working on the computer this morning is a whole new ball of wax... I'm in a clean room with actual walking room AND I got some Thomas Kinkade pics up from last year's calendar. The transformation is remarkable! I might manage to be upbeat, with a possibility of funny, since I'm no longer being overwhelmed from looking at all the depressing clutter, most of which was stacked on the bed and covered up the windows so it was always dark in here too (my smile was getting more buried than the bed!). Getting this room cleared out was as much of a birthday present as having my Girl here!

I hope you enjoyed the new Friday feature LMFAO Friday... This Friday will be a double post, both the LMFAO Friday feature and the If Mama blog tour will be here ~ along with the If Mama giveaway... So big doin's ~ aside from the Aria'z Birthday National Holiday... lol lol my ass, I'm totally serious

And today's Real Big News is the announcement of the winners of the last two giveaways...

The EcoStore Giveaway was picked this past Friday morning ~ Congratulations Tricia at 1stopmom! Thanks for entering! For those of you unfamiliar with 1stopmom are any of you still out there? Tricia has just reworked her template and her site looks even more fantastic than it did before ~ it's also easier to navigate and has changed to post previews on the main page so that you can be picky and choosy about which ones you read through (you need to read 'em all!!!). And how's this for too cool, there's a new games section so you can get a little play in your day. Tricia also does giveaways and reviews on her site, and she's much more experienced in such things than myself. So, y'all need, not want, NEED to click any one of the links here and go visit 1stopmom for a great time!

Also, this morning, the 100th Post giveaway for 693 Entrecard credits and a featured listing was drawn ~ again at And the winner is (after non-Entrecard members at the time of the drawing were removed...) Joan at The Retirement Chronicles ~ Congratulations! I find this a nice full circle. See, Tricia at 1stopmom has offered me more help and advice and encouragement than I can fit in one post... and Joan at The Retirement Chronicles asked me for help and advice when she was just starting... so I know y'all can see the flow to this whole thing too, right? The Retired One has just returned home from a road-trip to Florida and she took amazing pics of the journey and I am totally moving to Savannah once the check clears from my Mega Million Jackpot winnings (I've decided the Universe needs to make me the single ticket winner for my birthday!)

And lastly, before I leave you for today, so I can do the other 42 things on my list which will totally have to wait cause all my following like a junkie blogs have been updated this am ~ I have to thank my sister, K ~ aka Chicky ~ for turning me on to failblog where I get the pics for LMFAO Friday. She turned me on to it, and I completely dissed her in the inspiration mention I totally fucked up royal! I wonder if they have a ring tone for lousy, thoughtless, inconsiderate, ungrateful sisters...? May just have to stick with the one I've got... which, even in this instance, is completely apropos... Yeah, I'll call myself out on this one ~ Sorry K! ~ And I totally won't rub in the fact that she's still working in 'Pigstank' where it's snowing, cause it's in the Northeast and everybody there is looking at their snow-shovels like long lost lovers IE: a mix of relief at their being there, and loathing that you need them... whereas, I'm in sunshiney-gonna-be-nearly-60-here-today weather... I love ya sis! ducking from shoe or a tool of some sort being hurled at my skull Registered & Protected


Military Momz said...

I loved your Friday post! I enjoy reading your blog! Congrats to Joan!!! Thanks for all you do, again, I LOVED the Friday post and cant wait for this week's post.

1stopmom said...

Awww, you are sooo sweet. You really know how to make a girl smile. The soap came in the mail today. It smells really good. Thanks for the kind words. I love the way you describe the new look of my blog. I could not say it better {{hugs}}

The Retired One said...

Thank you , THANK YOU!!!! The universe does work in mysterious ways doesn't it? You have continued to inspire and educate me in the blogging world! I will probably have to still lean on you for advice because I am new to entercard and not sure how the credits work. I am still traveling home from vacation and on the road,so when I get home,I will probably send you yet another (HELP!) email to walk me thru it. When you get sick of helping me, just holler and I will slink away in gratitude still. I seriously thank you from the bottom of my heart for your drawing and credits gift. LOL!!!!!
Oh..and give that daughter of yours an EXTRA hug and tell her I said she has a terrific mama.

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