Monday, March 9, 2009

This is NOT a Post Post

This is not a real post ~ this is a mini-post telling you why I won't be posting until Friday, March 13th... I thank you in advance for your understanding.

Today was the munchkin's 2 year-old checkup (he's healthy, he's 35" tall and he didn't cry when he got his shot or blood work done.) Then we girls had to go shopping, which ate up the morning (very pleasantly, might I add!) This afternoon, I'm going to spend with the kids ~ we're going to eat our body weight in popcorn and watch movies that will make us laugh till soda shoots out our noses...

Tomorrow is hubby's birthday, and even though he has to work, my girl and I are going to cook him a special dinner after we've spent the day having tickle fights, chasing the munchkin (and having him chase us) all over the house to peals of squealing laughter.

Wednesday we're going to pack and wash and clean up to make sure my girl doesn't forget anything. All the while trying to not bust into tears because she's going home and God only knows when we'll see each other in person again.

Wednesday night she'll get on the plane in a flash of blond hair and I'll break down completely, prompting airport employees to attempt to offer assistance, only to be waived off until the plane gets into the air. Then I'll blindly sob myself with wracking breaths all the way back to the car... and will continue for the rest of the two-plus-hour drive home from North Houston...

Thursday, I'll be having my ImissmygirlGodithurtssomuchjustkillmenow day of grieving. If you're not calling to tell me I hit the lotto jackpot the night before, you won't get through. I'll be huddled in a ball on the bed squeezing the blanket that my girl slept with while she was here. I'll be Linus with that blanket on Thursday. It will be disgustingly wet and sticky by noon cause my nose runs like a faucet when I cry; won't matter. A few times throughout the day I'll get up for the bathroom & remember to change and feed the munchkin. Laundry will not get washed, dishes will not get done, hubby will be lucky to come home to dinner and a non-diaper-stink-house.

So, I just wanted to let y'all know that I wouldn't be posting till Friday... Registered & Protected


The Retired One said...

Completely understandable!
My heart will dance for you and be sad for you.
But it sounds like you are making the most of each magical moment together. She will carry those moments in her heart like a hug when you are apart.

pehpot said...

oh.. I hope you'll find time to fix you hair before accepting my Uber Amazing Award :)

Make or Break

kAyE said...

oww. that's too bad. i was just about to give you two awards. tsk. oh well. those will have to wait till you get back by the end of the week, which is tomorrow, come to think of it. :)