Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Flag On A Stick

I've been getting a newsletter with work at home opportunities for several months now. I've also been getting really frustrated... for the last three weeks in a row, the only jobs I want to apply for are based in and around the area I lived in... in California... for 17 years. Now, I'm finding these great jobs in that area...

The one today was for a person to take home pictures over a three county area. I fit all the qualifications, could take the munchkin with me cause he loves the car and it's an on call position. The way our situation is right now, it'd be nice to have the extra money, but we don't have to have it (thank you God). Perfect job on all fronts, I meet all of the requirements to a tee. I even know where I'm going in that area, so no 'lost in the strip mall' syndrome. But... it's in California. I'm in Texas.

And this is just the latest one that's hit me in the face over the last three weeks from this newsletter. I was so irked by the first two that I just deleted them. This is by far, the most perfect one, but the other two would have suited me quite well. I probably could have handled this one and one of the other ones in tandem and been just dandy. But... I'm in Texas.

I don't know why, after almost three years in Houston~ish, I'm now getting hit with all this Northern California stuff... as in: If you were in Northern California, you could have this going on! You'd think that a dash of homesickness would have hit me when I first got here, not now. Not almost three years later, when things are going fairly well for us. We even looked at new trailers this weekend. You can pray for us, cause we can't afford a single-solitary one yet, but even being several months off, we wanted to look.

And looking was fantastic. They actually have brand new ones in our price range that I could see us living in. Of course, me... the dreamer, the optimistic just-in-case-I-wanna-look-at-the-Gucci-one-just-to-see-it woman that I am, feel head-over-heels in love with the one that's more than twice what we want to spend. Then again, you can't blame me; the master bathroom was a religious experience. And it was a 4 bedroom with hardwood floors and double-sided glass cabinets in the kitchen with over 2300 sq feet of living space (reminder: we're in less than 600 sq ft now). And they're turning over their inventory, so it was reduced and they offered to throw in the furniture. They had three other ones that are only a smidgen over our original want-to-spend, and I'd be happy with any of them.

But, when I pray about it, I always ask God for the Gucci one, because it's like the Robin Williams comedy routine he does about the invention of golf. Say this in a very thick Scottish brogue ~ a la Mrs. Doutfire, "... and a the end, we'll put a flag on a stick... to give ya fuckin' hope..."

That Gucci trailer gave me "fuckin' hope" which, with my previously discussed bad attitude, I needed desperately. So, yeah, I'm still kinda irked about the Norcal jobs coming up, and I may never again see the inside of that Gucci trailer, but I have seen the flag on the stick, and I'm (we're) going to be OK... or amazingly-fantastically-wonderful even.

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Teresa said...

LOL! I feel ya! I don't even look anymore, makes me sick. So, I will stay in my small house,someday the kiddo's will be gone and only come when they feel they have to and me, I'll be all alone and can do what I want with what I have. Good luck and I hope you will get your new place!

Carole said...

Hope *is* a great thing! And I HOPE you get your "Gucci" trailer! :-D Don't be afraid to dream! :-)

Military Momz said...

You will be great!!! I am contemplating moving at this time. LOL, perfect time, I can work from anywhere with an internet hookup and since my husband's plant closed 01/31/2009, he can move to. The weather has warmed up here and sunny (not that it ever got REALLY cold, COLD, but still) Florida sounds so good to me. I did have an offer on a really nice home, just take over payments, waiting to get info on it now. (My uncle) Wishing you the Gucci everything in life!!!!


The Retired One said...

Be careful about the Gucci one with the 2 sided glass kitchen cabinets....
If MY kitchen cabinets had 2 way glass, it would look messy on BOTH sides. Ya mean now I gotta straighten my cupboards so they look good from TWO sides???
I think I feel faint at the thought of it...

But new things to dream about are great.
And, Oprah says the Secret says that you gotta imagine it to have it.
So go now and cut out pictures of the one you want and put it on the frickin' visualization board...right next to the one of you holding that winning Lotto ticket with Oprah.
Dream Big, damn it!

Aria said...

Theresa ~ Thank you, but don't forget to dream, bring a vomit bag if you need to at first :-)

Carole ~ We're on the same page! Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground...

Military Momz ~ Hope you get to move where you want to... and that it's not too horrible (the moving part) cause the top two things that suck are moving and job hunting, and the only thing that makes one worse than the other is whatever you are currently doing... ;-)

Retired One ~ LOL actually, it was glass on the side facing out to the LR, but wood on the side facing the kitchen, but they opened from either side and those were the cabinets directly over the eating-bar-island, so super smart as well as good looking... And I don't have a visualization board, maybe that's why I haven't hit the lotto yet! Damn! Thanks for the heads up!