Monday, March 23, 2009

Schedule Schmedule

How difficult is it to create a post about nothing? Shouldn't be too hard, right? I mean Seinfeld had a hit show for how-many-years based on the concept of nothingness. I'm sure y'all are so very interested in the fact that I'm attempting to put myself on a schedule.

Can I just tell you... I'm a Pisces. Scheduling and I are NOT natural bed-fellows. I'm more akin to the proverbial fart in the wind... I just kinda go where things take me. Which is all well and good when you have a two-year-old cause he's not in school yet. But when you're trying to save for a new trailer and run a blog, a household and keep-up with a turbo-tot, well scheduling becomes a necessity, even if I view it as mounting-monotonousness with no hope of escape. Root canals have the potential for being more desired... the proceedure and it's after-effects last a day or three, and you get some decent drugs to get through it. Not so for scheduling, which seems completely unfair. I would think you'd deserve some drugs for becoming a clock-watching robot.

I'm one of those people that can't exercise for three days straight, much less do anything else. Even the Prilosec that I Can NOT Go Without for a full 24 hours because if I do, I'll be hosting an angry dragon in my chest... Yeah, I still *coughbeenonthemforyearscough* have to keep it in my main viewing space so that I remember to take it, and that doesn't always work ~ which I always seem to remember after eating the extra-greasy pizza followed by the chocolate covered pretzels for dessert washed down by something bubbly which guarantees that the stomach acid will be transported with a lightening-quickness to the back of my throat.

I consider it a personal victory if I manage to take 10 days of antibiotics without missing more than two doses. And don't ask me how I've managed to have dinner on the table when hubby comes home nearly every night for almost three years... I simply don't know how I've done it ~ if I did know, this scheduling thing would be no big deal, but I don't. It falls into the "Mysteries of the Universe" category alongside 'where one sock in a pair goes when it disappears from the dryer'.

So, back to the scheduling, which btw, I've managed to misspell this entire post and had to fix ~ subliminal disdain? I think so ~ Scheduling may well be my white whale. The thing that if I master it in this lifetime, my days will have been well spent, but so far... not so hot. In my defense, I will say that it's easier to schedule when you have school aged children in the house, or a job to go to. Then the scheduling is built-in. The list of my have-to-at-a-certain-time consists of two things; make hubby's lunch before he leaves at roughly 7am, and make hubby's dinner before he gets home at roughly 7pm. That leaves a great big 12 hour window of non-time-constraint time open for me to not schedule.

I mean I have my list of things to do, which tends, usually, sometimes, to kind of get done and definitely will if I'm totally in the mood on any given day. The house is clean by the time hubby gets home at night, and if it isn't then it seriously will be by tomorrow, cause I can't go more than one full day... for the most part...

I think this may be ex-husband backlash, cause he was the kind of person that has every gift put away and the floor vacuumed within half an hour of opening the last Christmas present. Whenever we moved, every single box and bag was emptied and the contents in their rightful place by sundown on the second day of having keys. He was also very vocal about this being critical. Current hubby cares... but not so much. He knows that I can't stand a ghetto-shack house. He knows I can't go for more than 24 hours without at least straightening, if not a full spring cleaning (depending on my woman-cycle). He knows I'll get to it. He doesn't trip or make comments. Then again hubby is also a Pisces and tends to be less uptight than the ex ~ about the housework anyway.

What I find hilarious about me and scheduling; I buy day planners like... well, like serial killers buy Catcher in the Rye. And I still can't get it down. I either write down my list in the little time-slot lines and then don't look at the book for the rest of the day, or I write down all that I did that day when I'm all finished for the day ~ which turns it into more of a mundane-shit-I've-done diary than a planner. I know, one of these days, it's gonna click for me. I'm totally gonna get it, and from there on out it'll be a breeze and I'll be doing the V-8 head-pop on myself cause then I'll be like, "fucking Duh, Aria! How long did it take you to figure this out?!?"

But until then... I'll struggle with my mental block. I'm gonna go, cause I've got a schedule to keep ~ READ: a buncha stuff I have to get done a few times this week, God willing, and I'm gonna try to make a dent in them, cause at this point, I still have the give-a-damn to actually get it done. And oh-hey, will ya look a that, it's not even noon yet ~ which means it's all good. Schedule Schmedule. Where's my day planner?... Registered & Protected

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The Retired One said...

I am also in a dilemma. Because before I retired, my last position had meetings to plan meetings and every f-ing minute booked. I had to buy an electronic PC to carry (forget the day planner, it wasn't fast enough to use!) with alarms on it so I would know to leave one meeting to get to the NEXT one.
So then, BOOM...retirement.
Now? I have to carefully check the calendar for minor, oh, I don't know, maybe my own anniversary?
I have to write everything in my calendar now and check it when I get up and when I go to bed to make sure I didn't forget anything major.
As for blogging, well...I try and do that in the morning or at least once a day. On the days I am motivated, I write two or three (and publish just once a day) so I can coast a few days in case nothing "moves" me.
to write about.
But it is a different world for me to remember or schedule anything.
But I LOVE it compared to the corporate world (where I had to schedule a bathroom break. Or. Not!!)