Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Aria'z Ink News and Responses

Happy Hump-day dear readers. No, I'm not being trashy (for a change), once you pass Wednesday, you're over the hump of the work-week... supposedly. This Hump-day, I wanted to update y'all with some new Aria'z Ink news and responses to comments on the last post...

First of all, the new color is not pink or even salmon (I'm a budding colorist, gotta be picky about the shade names, right?)... it's more Campbell's Tomato Soup if you added half a can of milk. LOL It's not so much that I'm in love with the color, but in my opinion, the header pic no longer looks out of place. Every other color combo that I've tried made it seem to float above the page and it just didn't fit. I loveLoveLOVE that pic. I'd never seen a sunset like that before in all my life, so I've been bound and determined to keep that pic as my header. Therefore, with the tomato soup coloring, along with the bright-goldie-yellow, it matches and the picture 'fits the page' now. So, if you're not thrilled with the new colors, discuss it with God, I just tried my human-best to match what He (or She) put in the sky... Besides Brittany of Musings of a Barefoot Foodie likes it, so it's staying! Even if she said that it looked all California mellow, since that picture was taken from my front yard here in Houston~ish Texas in November of 2007... I will totally cut her some slack, she's ready-to-pop-pregnant, the mom of two boys, and she still finds time to write a great blog... I'd cut her slack if she said it was a sunset from the moon.

Next ~ My Girl, who is coming in March, is my 10 year old daughter Josie. Who is smart and beautiful and wonderful from the inside out (even with the standard 10 year old's quirks!). She lives with her dad (aka Ex-Husband, Hubby #1) in Southern California and although we talk a lot, we haven't seen each other in person since late March of last year ~ so, almost a year. Which is why I'm doing the Happy-Dance and why this was better news for me than Sue's good news.

What else? This Friday, February 20th, I'll be doing my first ever product review, which will include a giveaway, make sure y'all check back for that, cause I'm excited. And I'll be doing another mini-giveaway for my One Hundredth Post! I can't believe I'm almost there already! Seems like just yesterday that I was dipping my big toe into the blogging pond.

Also, I'm sure you saw the new item up top, but I'm going to reiterate ~ On March 6th, My Birthday (national holiday), Lucy Adams will let us all read an excerpt from her new book If Mama Don't Laugh, It Ain't Funny since Aria'z Ink will be one of the first stops on her virtual book tour, If Mama Blog Tour 2009. She has also generously agreed to do a giveaway here, so for the Aria's-Birthday National Holiday, one lucky reader will get a present. Pretty cool for y'all, huh? I'm such a giver... *choke,sputter,cough,coffee shooting out of my nose*

Now I just have to convince beat him over the head with a brick or some equivalent blunt object hubby that it's a national holiday and since it's MY holiday, I deserve a really big present... something to rival the big-ass TV I'll be lucky to see a cake, even though I'll probably wind up with a Blu-ray disc that he wants. Registered & Protected

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The Retired One said...

thanks for the explanations...after I posted my question about "my girl" I remembered your sweet daughter and figured out you were talking about her coming. I bet you miss her when you are not with her. We are still here at my youngest daughter's house in Florida. We hadn't seen her in person for 7 months either....and it is SO nice to be able to hug on each other and laugh and laugh together in person!
I like your tomato soup colors along with your header, and have always loved the sunset it worked great!! (And ok, it isn't pink or salmon! *wink*)
I really do like it. You DONE GOOD>
I will have to remember your birthday on March 6th. (If you want I can send your hubby emails on a daily basis to stalk him about what gift you want. ha