Monday, February 23, 2009

Your Butt Called

This is your butt calling... Have y'all seen that comercial yet? Ok, well here it is...

I go through this with my sister at least once a week since she got her blackberry. I see her number and even though it's 6-something am, my time, I try to answer as cheerfully as I can manage when I'm pre-coffee, only to realize that I've been butt-dialed.

I shout (as loudly as I can without waking the munchkin and the hubby), I whistle, I press buttons, I hang up, wait 5 minutes to fully disconnect and call her back... FINALLY, I get to talk to her brain and not her butt. At which point, I inform her of the time, (since she's EST and I'm CST) and that I just listened to her backing up a forklift for three minutes, and I am NOT amused. I also begin to chant "flip phone" like it's a mantra that the Dalai-Lama would use. This is when she apologizes profusely, and then hangs up with me and changes my ring tone to "Ding dong the witch is dead" on her phone. But, see, when she tells me about my new ring tone, it's post-coffee and I find it hilarious ~ cause, well, I'm (we're) twisted like that.

Bottom Line :-) couldn't resist... as far as I'm concerned, if your butt is going to call me, make sure it can hold a quasi-intelligent conversation, and I'm not talking about farting the alphabet...

PS. I just Googled Dalai-Lama to check the spelling and he totally has his own website ~ swear! The Website of The Office of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama
PPS. I just managed to get my sister, butts, farts and the Dalai-Lama all in one post ~ this may well be my best blog post EVER! Registered & Protected


Brittany said...

You are the funniest ever! And I love that commercial, I have a blackberry and try to remember never to put it in my back pocket. My ass is so big I'd dial everyone on my list. Scary. Very scary.

1stopmom said...

I love that commericial! My husband butt calls me all the time. It is one of my biggest pet peeves! It is so annoying.

The Retired One said...

Yes, this is the funniest blog post EVER. ha
If she gets so talented that she can play Ina-Gotta-de-Vita(spelling), let me know! I just HAVE to watch.

Insanity Kim said...


Go to my blog! I am doing "that" giveaway too and the review is eerily similar! That has to mean one thing,


I am sure you should enter...there's no stipulations saying you can't...we're not related, are we?

Military Momz said...

My boys and my husband used to do this all the time. We have the slider phones now, so, no more butt calls for me! LOL. Love your post!!!

On The Verge said...

I love this commercial. It is too funny! I have an iphone and don't have that problem!! lol


Angelika said...

I guess I'm not that advanced, since my butt would have to un flip the phone and then dial...

But I like the commercial. :-)

♥georgie♥ said...

Okay girlie you are way funny!!!! if its okay with you I am adding you to my blogroll!!! please say YES!

Pearl said...

Excellent points! I've been butt-dialed more than once and have been on the receiving end of some really strange conversations!

Aria said...

Brittany ~ My mom just told me about how my step-father once butt-dialed 911... they know, cause they got a call back from the Miami Dade police... Talk about if your ass is in trouble!

1StopMom ~ Makes ya want to call em back and play Barry Manilow for revenge, doesn't it?

The Retired One ~ If she gets that talented, I'm gonna videotape it and post it for sure!

Insanity Kim ~ From one butt to another... ;-)

Military Momz ~ LOL, I keep telling her... Flip. Phone. but slider phone works too! Thanks for reading!

On The Verge ~ Yeah, had to post the commercial, it's great! Thanks for reading!

Angelika ~ Never underestimate your ass, I'm sure it could learn

Georgie ~ Thanks for visiting, thanks for commenting, and yes, please do add me!

Pearl ~ Yeah, sometimes it isn't annoying, sometimes it's the best laugh you get all day!