Monday, February 16, 2009

We're *ahem* Busy

I'm sorry y'all. I know it took forever for me to post today. I spent the day cleaning house and playing with the turbo terror tot.

I hear y'all asking, "Why would you spend a Monday cleaning house when you had all weekend to do it, woman?!?" If I listen really hard, I can hear the incredulity in your voices too because I knowKnowKNOW that you're chomping at the bit to read my nuggets of amazing talent... (hold a moment while I clean up the coffee I just spit all over the 'puter... sometimes I crack myself up!)

Seems some of the magic blue and yellow Best Buy faerie dust stuck to the new TV. I (we) spent an inordinately large portion of the weekend glued to the 40 inch True HD LCD TV (trumpets blowing, angels descending from heaven singing hallelujah chorus) like the construction worker in the old Crazy Glue ads. We had guests over so we could make their heads explode with jealousy 'wow' them with our mind-blowing home theater experience. And when they all left, I used the jaws of life to get out of my jeans, and changed into sweatpants we sat in awe by ourselves like TV junkie losers. Paying rapt attention to movies we'd already seen too many times for one lifetime... but now they were in BLU-RAY on a 40 inch True HD LCD TV (trumpets blowing, angels descending from heaven singing hallelujah chorus). Plus, I had cheesecake and Turtle Chex Mix (which is oral sex that the kids can watch) in the house, so there was no way in hell I was getting off my ass to go grocery shopping. I know y'all understand. We didn't get a damn thing done this weekend except deepening the ruts in the couch cushions We were *ahem* busy.

And, this is how I'm posting, finally, at almost 6pm on a Monday. Now, if I had a laptop this wouldn't be an issue. I'd post while I was watching the home IMAX. You'd probably be sick of hearing things like, "We're watching Madagascar 2, and I can see every single hair in the Alex's mane!!!" But, I'd beg your forgiveness in indulging my latest obsessive behavior.

Speaking of which, Madagascar 2 just ended, so I'm going to swap it over to watch Transformers for the fifth time in 72 hours cause I'm a total fucking junkie before hubby gets home and wants to watch something like Total Recall which is stupid when 80's Arnie is so bad I'd rather watch Steven Segal flicks killmenow compared side-by-side with Shia LeBouf in Transformers. Registered & Protected


The Retired One said...

LOVE those line throughs where I can hear your real thoughts, too funny!
We made it to the Ohio/West Virginia border and heading for Charleston tomorrow, then on to Savannah and then Tampa. But I needed my Aria fix thru the wireless at the hotel first.

Aria said...

The Retired One ~ Yes, I have a couple of blogs that I stalk, and they've been doing it, but I just figured out how, so now I feel like I'm playing with the big kids! LOL Stop in on my mom, she's an hour outside of Savannah, tell me how her house looks... Thanks... LOL Safe travels, Joan and Joan's awesome hubby!