Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Satan, Shoes and Tags

I'm having one hell of a time coming up with a post today. I'm fairly scatter-brained, even apres-coffee (my spell check doesn't speak French ~ apres means after, btw). And there's not much going on, except surfing other sites and enjoying the reads. Yesterday, I took the day off to clean the house like I did before we had Internet service. So I've got a bunch of random type thoughts but, ya know, not much else... Sorry, some days my posts simply suck, and this is probably going to be one of them.

1. When I called hubby at lunch today he was at Best Buy ~ yeah, no wonder he didn't call me ~ looking at plasma televisions. To which I just shake my head and say, "...sure, Darling, we'll put it on the 'what to do with the tax return' list." Here's what I've come to know about Best Buy. It's EVIL. Ask any woman, and she'll tell you. Best Buy is Satan-Store with less obvious alliteration. Every time a grown man goes into BB/SS the entirety of their common sense goes down the tubes. The sound system has subliminal siren-songs coming out of it. The salespeople are Fagin's minions in polo shirts.

2. Note to self: the old adage, "you get what you pay for" is true. The coffee pot that I got only a couple of months back was cheap as hell. It already needs replacing. It simply doesn't want to suck the water over the heating element and spit it onto my coffee grounds. I have to literally (get this!) pick it up about an inch off the counter and drop it, mid-brew for it to finish... which sucks, and makes me want to spit...

3. Have any of y'all gotten the Facebook tag, "25 Random Things"? I did. Let me tell y'all something... 25 is far too many things to know about me ~ or most people for that matter. How does anyone come up with all 25 if you've been tagged for anything else? Whomever came up with this one was an agoraphobic-busybody with a T-1 line. Anyone who can do all 25 without one of the 25 being, "Holy hell, I'm not done with this list YET?!?" is entirely too self-involved.

4. I should always get up and take 5 minutes outside of the computer room before I publish my posts... I almost always come up with really cool stuff I should have put into the post after I've published it, when I'm fixing my sandwich, or sitting on the toilet. And yet, somehow, I never seem to remember to take a break, and if I did, I'd probably forget to bring notepaper so I could remember my brilliance all 20 feet back to the computer.

5. Speaking of the toilet... What is it with toddlers and the toilet? Besides the complete and total EEEWWW factor (despite daily cleanings, it's just the thought!) from their parents, what calls them to put any number of things into the porcelain-god? I could understand it, if like my daughter, these things were put in for the wow factor that is flushing ~ but my son doesn't flush these items... he just plays with them in the water (EEEWWW again!) Seriously, these are some, some of the things I've found in my toilet this week, courtesy of my son... magnetic fridge letters (almost the entire alphabet), magnetic fridge numbers (almost enough to list the entire bail-out amount spent frivolously by banks and Wall Street executives), cat food, Chex Mix (sacrilege!), and last night's topper ~ His Shoes. And they wonder why so many moms drink their alcohol through a straw...

6. If you've made it this far... you must really be bored... LOL I thank you for forging through the sewage of this post. Great day to you! And leave a comment so I can come over to your site and visit a blog more worthy of reading than today's drivel from me... If you've got a button, I'll grab it while I'm there.

Damn, the bathroom trick didn't work. Guess you have to start with good stuff to utilize that tip... Registered & Protected


The Retired One said...

Honey Bunch: you would be funny if you just typed vowels. (Actually, that Ewwwwwww comment would have worked if it wasn't for all the damn w's.) Ha. I like random thoughts. It makes us all know we are all crazy, because we all have them.
You will get inspiration soon for more soon as your hubby does something ridiculous (and with most husbands, that means you just have to wait about 30 seconds after he hits the door, right?) I love it when you get pissed about are in your element then. So, don't won't continue to be as nice as it has been. I mean,that would just be UN-NATURAL!!!

Insanity Kim said...


I came up with 25 things...

but, they weren't random.

Had they been

it would have been like,

toe socks
cars parked
mountain lions

and so on...

I hate toilets
not really...
today is your day for blog drivel
mine is comment drivel

did I spell drivel right? Drivle? Drivel? didn't u use that word somewhere?

I will stop now
lest you remove my button forever...

ROSILIE said...

Nice post! Thanks for the link but I am still working on my button. Let you know as soon as I can figure it out. TC!

Cher said...

Thanks so much for posting my button! Yeah I got the Facebook 25 things from 3 people and with 2 kids who has time to write 25 things, I am trying but it is taking forever!

Aria said...

The Retired One ~ first of all, that is REALLY sweet of you to say, but ummm not sure if being in my element when I'm pissed off is a good thing... Should I look into anger management? Probably not, but I have to make sure I post, right? LOL

Insanity Kim ~ thanks for commenting.... even if it was comment drivel! LOL

Rosalie ~ Let me know when you've got that button, the new one for your fashion site looks great btw!

Cher ~ You're welcome, and Welcome! I know, how are you supposed to dash one off if it's 25 things?!? OMG that equates to WORK *hiss!!!*

Matt said...

Aria, Thank you for stopping by my humble blog and posting a comment. It led me to your site and I am so glad I found you. I love your sense of humor; you are hilarious. Sometimes these "nonsense" posts are the best kind. It gives us an insight into you (more than the "25 Things Tag ever could")

I grabbed your badge and marked you as a favorite so I can visit you daily. Have a great rest of the weekend.