Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Congrats, Happy Dance and Squeal

So I'm over here all jazzed cause I got the blog colors right, finally, and now they match the header. Which, btw, is no easy task. Blogger does NOT have these colors standard, people. I'm all WHOOT thinking Sherwin-Williams is going to call any moment and offer me a huge ass contract as a colorist, cause I'm that good...

When I stop by Sue's blog, Happy Meals & Happy Hour, and she just got such OMG phenomenal news that I'm so jealous that I could spit out my cheesecake my colorist future is now making me yawn. Damn it Sue, you know this places you in the pedestal-untouchable category, right? For those of you that haven't already popped over there, shame on you! Sue is going to be in the next Chicken Soup book, and if that wasn't fancy-schmantzy enough, the other people who are going to be in it with her would make you choke on your Chardonnay...seriously! Huge Congrats, Sue!!! And go check it out, ya slackers! Now I feel a little like Brody: "I was the inker on the comic" Chakaluka King: "No, you. are. a. tracer..."

But I do have some other awesome news for y'all right here at lil' ole' Aria'z Ink... I'm going to have a couple of giveaways coming up in March that y'all are going to loveLoveLOVE (pinky swear!)

AND now for my own version of Sue's book news: My Girl is coming for a visit! Got all the details straightened out and she's going to make it for our birthdays ~ every last one of us in this house is a March baby... So I'm cool with not being in a book! (longLongLONG pause for happy dance!)

... and Barefoot Foodie just twittered me that she likes the new colors too (squeal, I totally blog stalk her, y'all!). My day is lookin' up!

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Brittany said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Ok, that made my day, I totally shot sprite out of my nose! And yes, your new color scheme is the hotness girly, the HOTNESS!

The Retired One said...

Wow,you Picaso you! And by the way, do you by chance like pink???? Ok, Salmon then???? It looks awesome!
But I am a little green behind the ears...who/what is "my girl" that is coming in March? I am confused. (Too much on the road today!) We only made it into Virginia tonight...there was an accident miles ahead of us and we literally inched forward for over an hour until the bumper to bumper traffic got thru the area. However, we went off the freeway and went thru some awesome mountains today too. I took photos so I can blog about it when I get back.

Military Momz said...

Love your colors and layout! Have a great day!

HappyHourSue said...

You are so sweet to be excited for me! I told my friends from CT and none of them are as excited as my bloggy friends. You rock.

Also: LOVE the blog decor- it's very "Tequila Sunrise"

Melissa said...

You deserve a happy dance! I blew one whole day changing colors around on my website and fooling with code... can be very frustrating!! Congrats!