Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yay! Damn. Huh?

The title pretty much sums up what's been going on around here the last 26 hours...

Yay! The munchkin has been really good. We played a lot yesterday and then he was content to sit and watch his kiddie crack so I was able to get some things done on the computer yesterday. This morning he woke up bright and early, and came to bed with hubby and me. As soon as he was warmed up all snugly under the big down comforter with my arms wrapped around him (so he'd stop trying to climb Mt. Daddy) he settled down very quickly and we all fell back to sleep. It was wonderful. It also brought back very fond memories of my daughter snuggling with me when she was little. Jos was a snugly-girl, Jas is the exact opposite, which made this morning a little more special and precious.

Yay! My Alexa ranking bumped for the first time in over a month ~ by over 156 thousand... actually, that's a Yay with a WHOOT!

Yay, I've got three chapters started on the book. Yes three, and yes started... if you thought my writing process was going to be linear you were very much mistaken. For now, I'm doing what I know; which is getting the ideas down in blog post style. I'll expand the chapters and tie them together as the work progresses. I also got the title, the dedications, the fonts and colors settled, as well as working my way around the word processing program, that until now, I've only used as a 'saver' by way of copy, paste, save. Do y'all ever do that, or is that one just me?

Yay, I got my new Jas pictures downloaded from the camera to the computer last night. And I did all the work required to shrink the files and make them mailable. Ask anyone in my family, this is a biggie for me, cause I'm admittedly REALLY BAD about doing this. So that was a buff the fingernails on the shirtfront moment.

Yay, I got a new computer chair last night! I hear y'all goin', "Another One?!?" Yes, another one. As y'all know, I got one for Christmas from our good friends D & D, and I was pleased as punch. Unfortunately, there simply wasn't enough padding on that chair for the amount of hours I spend on the 'puter. You'd think with my huge ass that I wouldn't need a bunch of padding ~ that's the stereotype right? Padding included, I can sit on bricks... Oddly enough, that's not accurate. My ginormous booty was starting to cry uncle, and with the decision to embark on More Writing, the change was necessary... even though it came in a flat box and I had to put it together myself ~ which brings us to...


I'm sitting all pretty in my new chair, getting used to typing since it's a whole different position and whatnot (while some of you are thinking I'm crazy right now cause sitting is sitting, but those of you that spend mucho tiempo at a computer know exactly what I'm talking about) when I hear the wind kick up. Hard.

It had been consistently windy yesterday, there were wind advisories, wompwompwomp... But out of nowhere last night the gusts from hell started and all I could say was, "Holy Wind-tunnel, Batman!" I kept waiting for the roof to lift off like the lid on an open tin can. The trailer was shaking. Boo's little jackets that are hanging right over to the right of me were rocking on their hangers. By this time, it's going on 1am and I'm the only one awake. I'm futzin' around with my email so I can change accounts and send out those Jas pics to my full-friends-and-family-address-book. Plus, I've got another tab open doing something on this site (cause tabbed browsing is the best invention EVER and I can not, for any amount of love or money, sit and only do one thing at a time on the computer, it would kill me!). I'm considering writing a post about the tropical storm that's going on just on the other side of the wall because the rain had started teeming and then...

*BLIP* I am in complete and total darkness. So I navigate my way out of the computer room, which, btw, is No Small Feat considering the cluster fuck that my house was thanks to my son and our non-perishable shopping that I decided, 'I'll just clean this up in the morning cause I'm going to break in my new 'puter chair!' Five minutes pass before I have navigated myself ( all 19.2 feet ) to the kitchen table where I keep my scented candles, and get one lit so I can pee, even if I can't flush without power. Hubby (who woke up cause his C-pap machine stopped working) calls from the back room for me to find the cell phone and the power bill with the emergency power outage number... Did I mention that our 'filing system' would make CPA's cry? (W. on cocaine is more organized... The monkey house at the zoo is more organized...) Like anything paid and or debit/credit card receipts are stuffed in a shoebox under the couch. The newest box is about a month old, half full, and recently emptied completely and re-filled by Jas in a precise toss-it-into-the-box-from-5-feet-away-and-make-sure-to-add-any-paper-anything-you-can-find-since-we're-playing-paper-basketball manner.

Twenty-seven minutes later, I dig out the only piece of power bill in the box with a phone number on it, call the number and get the recorded warning that it's taking 5 minutes for a live person to get to your call that is so im-fucking-portant to them (while they refill their coffee and discuss The Biggest Looser amongst themselves instead of answering your call) Fourteen minutes on hold later, I get to report the outage to a live human being (who was very nice cause she had fresh coffee, and everyone agreed that her favorite would, in fact, be The Biggest Looser). I blow out the candles and follow hubby back to bed where we try to fall asleep. Cause really, when it's almost 2am and there's no power, what else is there to do, right? *sigh* Damn.

Huh? It's 6:50 already and I need to make hubby's lunch (cause if he can make it to work after 4 hours sleep, the least I can do is make him a ham sandwich).

Huh? My thumb and forefinger are all swollen and itchy-hurtey. I have since figured out that it was from the oily-type stuff on the Allen wrench I used to put the chair together, which, I washed off after I put the chair together the wrong way... But, since I only had to unscrew and re-screw four screws to put it together the right way, I didn't trip on washing my hands when I was done. Instead, I immediately turned on the computer and started playing. When the power went out, so did the well's electric pump and then I couldn't wash my hands. The oily-type stuff sat on my thumb and forefinger for the rest of the night. Apparently, my skin was not amused.

Huh? Got online this morning and found out that Izzy and Bambi are both leaving Grey's... I KNEW Izzy got the wrong blood work back from the lab! Denny wouldn't have shown up if she only had anemia. I don't think the after-world would give you a visitation pass for anemia. I'm thinking brain cancer myself... And Bambi (aka George)... ahhh no great loss. He's barely even been seen this season and has no real story line left. Ciao Skippy.

Huh? I'm trying to get some online swag? When did I become a swag chaser? I don't know, but Eighty MPH Mom has got a contest going for some Burt's Bees (ends 2/16 @ midnight so hurry if you're interested!) and I'm all over her comment page trying to win it... Plus, Jen's got a fantastic new layout going on, and The Down's Gang is having a contest to give away a blog makeover (Contest Ends 02/16/09 at 11:59 P.M. CST) for you from Southern Girl Designs just like Jen! ~ And then Twitter Moms is having a blog contest (Deadline to enter is Tuesday, Feb. 24 at 6 p.m. PST) where the prizes include Amazon gift cards and free services from Yeap, going after this one too.

And they say a SAHM's life is boring... Registered & Protected


Brittany said...

Wait..what...Izzie is leaving Grey's. And I thought Bambi left Grey's already. OMG what do I do?!?!?!?!

The Retired One said...

Wow. I found myself holding my breath while reading the post and I wasn't even THERE. You are one busy woman!
But, it sounds like you are in the groove again, and I know that makes you the happiest. SO glad for you!!!!

Teresa said...

I love reading your blogs! You are so funny;)

Aria said...

Brittany ~ I know, George hasn't had a story line since he stopped being an intern.

The Retired One ~ It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... ;-)

Teresa ~ Thanks for visiting and commenting. Thank You for the compliment as well, I eat those up like I suck down cheesecake ~ with giddy abandon.