Monday, May 4, 2009

The Weekend and My Darling Boo *UPDATED*

Happy Monday, y'all! So far so good. My breathing alarm clock is starting to fall into the same schedule as his parents, and is doing his job effectively, albeit 4 hours later... so I apologize for the lateness of this post, but this is our morning now, people...

On the plus side, I was quoted on blogtations today, which always makes me happy cause I'm a quote fiend. This one is from the post More is Better. But you can also find my quotes about Love and Resentment and my ex's real estate holdings on blogtations as well.

Unusually for me, I had a couple of posts over the weekend. In case you missed them; A Strike At Bullying is fairly controversial in the world of parenting viewpoints, although, thank you to The Retired One and Insanity Kim for weighing in and having the guts to actually agree with me! If I knew how to make up awards buttons, I'd totally give you two the "Brass Balls the Size of Coconuts" award. Also, Sunday Silliness showcased the latest Jack in the Box commercials, but I promise, they're hilarious... OK, one's hilarious and the other is something you can't get out of your head, but hey, gotta give the kudos to Jack's marketing firm. Whoever they are, I want them on my team as a blog owner... I'd make Oprah in less than a year with them doing Aria'z Ink commercials!

But now enough of my ham-handed attempts at self promotion... What I really wanted to say today was this...

Dear Boo,

My adorable little boy. I understand that you are two and that you are smart and strong and inquisitive and you want to do everything just like Daddy. I get it. I understand it, despite being 'only a girl' and therefore not all in-the-know on boy things.

Just because I don't understand why you feel the need to aim the Makita flashlight at the TV when the bad Transformers are doing something you don't like, as if you can Makita shoot them and make them stop their bad behavior, this doesn't mean that I don't accept your right to do it and appreciate your attempt at protecting the good guys from the bad robots.

Just because I don't do motorcycles, doesn't mean that I can't appreciate your addiction to them and any other object cool enough to be equipped with a motor and wheels or your desire to run around the living room with matchbox cars in your hands going, "vroom vroom" in two-year-old-speak and being caught up in Motocross racing the second it came on TV and you saw those bikes flying through the air.

However, my precious, adorable son, I don't understand your desire to die. You know that if Daddy had come home 5 minutes earlier and had seen the cover off the speaker and the playstation on the floor with it's little wires all detached and the cordless controller sending unit removed from it's sensitive plug-in place, and the nerf football wedged between the blue ray player and the shelf above it, and the sound system turned to AUX and turned up to maximum levels; Your. Father. Would. Have. Killed. You.

No joke. I'd be trying to find something black to wear at this very moment. So, Sweetie, please, you know better. You've been told so many times that I've lost count about the sound system and the playstation and the speakers and all that crap. I don't want you to die, but I will be powerless to stop your demise if you insist on continuing this course of action... so please, for the love of God, STOP.


ps. I'd totally put some pictures with this so you can't deny it later, but mommy needs to recharge the camera battery (she just found out) so you're off the hook until it charges, when I'll *UPDATE this post. Registered & Protected


Pearl said...

I appreciate your trying, but you know how it goes. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink!

The Retired One said...

Look at those curls. OMG, he is adorable!
And, you tell him he can do ANYTHING he wants to at his new "aunty Joan"'s house. :-D

1stopmom said...

Awww, he is just the cutest thing! But it's not going to work. Wait until he gets older. I am just talking about a few years. It is amazing what little boys can do and get into.

Military Momz said...

Hey! Sorry I have missed your postings lately. Been busy and out of town. I totally left a comment for you on your blog about the bullying. SHEESH!!! That topic so gets me riled up to! But anyway, getting caught up on stuff and will be back around regularly (hopefully). Oh yeah, I told you this on my other comment, but I am going to be a first time Granny! WOO HOO, My son in CA called to tell me wifey is pregnant. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! I am so excited. I went out and immediately bought a PINK, (Yes pink, I had 3 boys) bib that says I love Grandma, although I have been eagerly waiting to be called GRANNY for a long time now.

Insanity Kim said...


OK you need to school yourself in photobucket and html because I so want to see an award with coconut sized kahunas!

I am about to do my 13th year anniversary post with a little nugget of wisdom (um, I think) for all of us with hubbies...

Once my hubby is dong with his doctoral program I am certain we will need to sit down and restructure how life moves around this home as well! If only one could clean the house using a control stick!

PS glad you got the playstation and other electronics fixed and in place in time! the red hair. priceless.