Thursday, May 21, 2009


Well, well, well... wouldn'tcha know it... after a lengthy rant about Verizon, I came home from the library and my phone was working. Sometimes the Universe knows when you've had absolutely enough and it throws you a bone. I still have the welfare appointment to look forward to, so my bitchiness wasn't totally wasted.

Besides now that I can post from home again, I can surf my fellow bloggers and leave some comments. Along with all the other wonderful things I can do from home that I can't do at the library... like get into my email without having to write down my password cause I change it so often that I totally couldn't remember it Monday when I posted. That's to be expected though with less than 4 hours of sleep and no coffee.

I was so lost without the internet that I actually got Twillight from the library. Thankfully I haven't started it yet, cause I'm not sure I'm up for the addiction that has afflicted so many Twillight lemmings... Including my own sister. At this point I'm convinced that the series needs a Surgeon General's warning, so I'm sure you can understand my trepidation at even starting the book.

Of course, Twillight aside, having the internet back also means that I'll be spending obnoxious amounts of time in the computer room which will probably be a good thing as far as hubby is concerned. To say that we've been getting on each other's nerves lately would be so understated that I can't even come up with an analogy to compare it to. We are literally driving each other crazy ~ as in straight-jacket-5150 crazy. Our 'together time' is temporary and we have the munchkin to commisserate over. How do retired couples do it when it's permanent and there are no kids left in the house? I'm guessing they take separate vacations or they have their own sides of the house to retreat to. Unless they actually get along and want to spend time together like Joan at The Retirement Chronicles and her hubby. God bless em, but considering the spots I've seen on The Today Show and my own experience, I'm thinking that they're in the minority.

Speaking of kids to commisserate over... I hear my son tearing down the hall like he's been up to something he knows he'll be in trouble for. Time to investigate...

Aaaannnnddd more things in the toilet. This is starting to scare me as a parent for one simple reason. He isn't finding new things to get into trouble for, he's doing the same things that he's already been in trouble for. Isn't this how career criminals get started? At least when my daughter put things in the toilet, they were her own things; not the toothpaste and the toenail clippers.

I think this may be the biggest factor for insanity in parents. Disney comes second. The number one reason is repetition of stupidity by children. I know memory isn't the last thing to develop in kids. They remember all sorts of things. So why is it that they can take a bunch of DVD's off the shelf and get told, "no". Then they do it again and get a time out. Then they do it again and maybe finally earn a swat on the rump. Then they do it again every stinking day for months with the same result and they still persist in the behavior. I mean, seriously, that's just borderline retarded isn't it? Forrest Gump would know better. But a two year old that can figure out how to operate the entire sound and home theater system, including remotes and changing settings, is too brain-damaged to not repeat behavior that will get him put in baby jail?

Parental psychotica makes sense now, doesn't it? And spousal psychotica? And societal psychotica?

So isn't it amazing that I'm still sane and not completely psychotic?

My Rice Krispies think it's amazing too. Registered & Protected


The Retired One said...

Gee (blush), what nice marriage compliments!
I am available for counseling, as a last resort. ha
One of our secrets to success regarding the TV is to have two of them. ha Plus, we have a gadget that can shut off the sound in the room and the other person can put on headphones and be the only one to hear a show (thus blessing the other with silence). It was well worth it an we use it often. ha
Hang in there, I am sure it will get better.
Love to ya!

Pearl said...

Isn't it awful how much you can miss the internet?!

And I wouldn't worry too much about the boy. Little kids are weird anyway. :-)


Anonymous said...

Discipline is more than a "no" a "time out" and little "swat". They have to know that it will HURT if they do it again, if yo ustand them in a corner make them stand tippy toe on a book without the heels touching the floor. They have to know way or another.

Flame away!