Monday, June 7, 2010

For a While I Didn't Think I Was Still Me, But I Totally Am

So I had the big revelation. And the vision. And got the purpose.

And I'm still here.

And that bright, shiny, happy person lasted about a month ~ give or take a week or two.

And then I read Barefoot Foodie and The Bloggess and got inspired, but didn't want to write here cause I said that I was done here.

I started a controlled, cuss-free, spiritual blog for the new me, that I didn't really publicize cause I had no idea what the heck to write there.

I wrote two posts.

One was an introduction; the other said I'd quit smoking (again) forever.

I'm smoking again. I'm irritable again. I yell again. I laugh inappropriately at things that aren't funny to anyone with a sense of common decency. I'm a little less angry. Kind of. I argue with my husband again.

My vision hasn't come true yet. I still haven't hit the lotto. I still hate housework and have no dishwasher. My give-a-damn depends on the day. I'm getting sick of facebook.

I'm still me. My 'reputation' may be more tarnished toward the crazy side, but I'm still me. And I miss writing something other than research papers... and the processes of the different systems of the body (criminitly! It's a medical LANGUAGE class, lady, not med school!)

So, I'm back, if y'all will still have me. I can't promise punctuality. I can't promise weekly rants or features, but I'll be around.

And, fair warning... I'm still me. Registered & Protected

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