Thursday, June 10, 2010

What I'm Supposed to be Doing... *UPDATED*

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I'm supposed to be writing my introduction and conclusion for my final essay in research writing. I'm having trouble concentrating because hubby is watching some horrible movie with either aliens or dead people communicating with 'normal people' and there's a whole lot of screaming and scary music. Predictably, the cop doesn't believe the victim and her world is ending.

I hate that crap.

Scary movies are not my thing.

I have trouble concentrating on writing about anything, much less the propaganda machine that is American media when I'm confronted with terrified shrieks and music that reminds me of The Shining.

That movie scarred me forever and ever, Amen.

Hotels kinda freak me out, especially if I'm the only one walking down a hallway. Rum instantly translates to redrum in my mind. And you couldn't pay me enough to go into a shrubbery maze, unless you paid me enough to buy the land it was on so I could have it torn it down while I recuperated from my mental breakdown.

Halloween made me scared to babysit.

Omen made me leery of 10 year-old brunette boys with blue eyes and doberman pincers.

The Exorcist turned me off pea soup.

Poltergeist made me set the sleep timer on the television so there would never be snow on the screen, and check all my meals for maggots.

Scream made me afraid to go out to the garage for more beer, and thankful that I didn't need to go into school bathrooms anymore.

Thanks to Silence of the Lambs, I assess the motives of anyone that invites me to dinner.

And yet, I wound up in Texas with a man that owns a chainsaw.

Hubby loves those movies.

I, however, love Godfather I & II and Goodfellas and Casino. Hubby hates those movies. He doesn't 'get' them. I understand that he has no context for those movies. I understand that movies these days require an explosion every 3.6 seconds, and by comparison, Godfather seems 'slow'. Because back when those movies came out, the storyline, the dialogue and plot progressed the story, not the number of times things could be blown to smithereens or how many of the central characters could be made to bleed or scream.

I gravitate towards comedies, because I want to fill my life with laughter and use movies as happy escapes.

Maybe if I focus my essay on how the word 'terror' was used by the media during the Bush administration I could write my essay. Or maybe I should just wait till this movie is over and insist on watching The Hangover to rid my mind of the ugliness that is currently forced upon me.

Or maybe, when he goes outside to BBQ later, I will confiscate every scary movie in the house and hide them somewhere he'll never find them... with the dish detergent.

**UPDATED** OK, not really sure what the heck just happened there, but this post disappeared and I had to re-post it~ Which is why, kiddies, you always email yourself a copy of your blog posts! Since I had to go all deja-vu this morning, I decided to enhance the post with a picture that will make your skin crawl for the rest of the day. Cause I'm AWESOME like that! Registered & Protected
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Aria said...

Joan said she had trouble leaving comments... funny, I keep getting all the spam ones though! LOL Anyway, hope the problem is fixed now... even if you just send a hey I left a message, I will post it for backlinks... as my gift to you for letting me know you can! =D Happy Friday y'all!

Angelika said...

I don't know why I like horror movies. I'm usually sitting here saying "As IF that would ever happen. A serial killer comes in the house and you run upstairs??? No." But they do entertain me more than most other genres. Maybe I just need something to complain about?

The Retired One said...

Yay! I FINALLY can leave a comment...but crap...I forgot what I was going to say! hahhaaaaa
Hope school is going great for you, I am SO proud of you for going back to will do great!!!
I hate all the movies with the violence and loud noise favorite movies are comedies, and I admit to liking some of the romantic chickflicks too....
some SciFi are okay, but none of the blow 'em up, shoot 'em up, eat 'em up kind....more like Close Encounters of the Third Kind or that one with Jodi Foster (what the heck WAS the name of that one?)
I am the same way about any movie..if it has violence: FORGETTABOUTIT....!!!