Thursday, June 17, 2010

Somewhere Between Dedicated and ADD

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I want to update my blog.  I even had a couple of ideas, but they all stemmed from other things that I had written for various reasons to various people or for various assignments.  OK, now I've overdosed on the word various.

I think I operate somewhere between ADD & dedicated.  It may depend on the people I'm surrounded with... or it's just cause sometimes I'm really obsessive! No, neurotic. No, well yes, but not in this way... wait maybe I am. Obsessive is actually more accurate but overused. interested (such as when I read a Malcolm Gladwell book in 24 hours or less), and other times I couldn't give a shit if I had 6 bran muffins and a pot of coffee.

Like now, I have an assignment due for my medical language class.  The thing about this particular class, since I'm taking all of my classes on the Internet, is that I have to do audio submissions to particular questions and the responses to my classmates.  I am sure this is because the teacher needs to make sure that we are capable of saying the words correctly.  I mean, some of these words are uber-super-complicated with syllables that make my tongue tie into knots worthy of waist-length, conditioner-free blond hair.  You know, words like choledocholithiasis... or nostril.  It really just depends on the chapters we're doing that week.

And right now, because I detest the sound of my own voice, I have six tabs open and just realized I need to open another to check my email and yet another to make sure the house I want is still listed, and when I get the dialogue script written in the Word document I have open in the other window, I will have to open another window to record it.  Oh look!  Calista Flockheart and Harrison Ford got married.  I should send them a congratulations email and a gift.

I may have situational ADD.  It's a highly specialized form of ADD; probably not, but that's what I'm telling people.  It's SO special, they don't even make drugs for it yet... well, not legal ones anyway. Take that Bloggess!

And I know why so many kids are diagnosed with ADD now; They're In School!  Fucking Duh!  If they were tested by having to sit in front of a Road-Warrior-of-Stolen-Cars-and-Guns-and-Hot-Lara-Croft-Looking-Drug-Whores-on-a-Search-for-the-Princess-and-the-Treasure-While-Eluding-Cops-and-Goblins video games, the numbers would be much, much lower.  Someone is going to take that idea and make a million bucks off that game; I better copyright this.

And would you look at this house?  I just Wonder-Woman cleaned it on Monday, how the hell is it such a disaster already?  Oh, yeah, it's Thursday.  I need to hurry up and get off this computer and clean this ghetto shack.  And damn, I stink!  I need a shower, but I should clean first cause housework makes me all sweaty.  But first, I really need to update my blog so I can comment on Bloggess and get the backlink and do the homework and update my facebook status and call my sister and it's already almost 3 pm.  

I'm exhausted.

Maybe I should just go back to bed. Registered & Protected
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The Retired One said...

School is definitely stressing you out, girlfriend...but it is supposed separates the wimps and cowards from the determined and strong...besides, wine helps one stay in the later catergory. ha
You should have seen me in nursing school..I would dream about diseases and then have to sweat about how to spell them and know all the symptoms and was a nightmare. You are tough, you will do it and you will probably ACE it...because you are so smart.
I am sooooo proud of you!!!

Annah said...

OH honey you most definitely sound like you need to go back to bed. On another note I am SO like you with the gazillion open tabs which only makes my computer more slow and then freeze up to then have to turn it off and restart it. It's so annoying! And hell yes to the 6 muffins and coffee! But for me it'd be 6 cupcakes and a cappuccino. Even more fattening. Cheers! *raises her coffee at you*