Monday, June 14, 2010

A Good 'Ole Gibbs-Style Slap to the Skull

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I think I may have to start a new series.  Those that need a good old, NCIS Leroy Jethro Gibbs style slap to the skull.

I know I've mentioned before that my idea of relaxation is perusing the real estate ads.  

Online is SO much fun, because now I can go through the listings and check out the multiple pictures and map where the house is, and really figure out which home I can obsess over for weeks want.  

However, I have a few problems with the way a lot of homes are being built.  And the super-kicker is how much they want for these homes that contain, to my mind:  Major Design Flaws.  As in, spending serious money to remodel, design flaws.  Now whenever I see one of these I stop looking at the house.  Hey Jack, it's not edgy, it's stupid.

Take this for example:

Do you see the problem yet?  It might take a minute, but as a mom of a toddler, it hit's me the second I look; you got it...   


I see second or third-degree burns in my son's future with that set-up.  And they're popping up All Over!  What dumbass came up with this idea?!?  Whoever they are, they need to go to designer hell.

Or how about this slick 'modern' bathroom:

Do you see the problem here?  They have spent all the time and money on creating this nice bath area, which is fine, I like a bath a few times a week...  


And here they've given the occupant a shower the size of a sardine can!  If you wash your butt, you're sure to hit your elbow on the door and pop it open, or with the other arm, slam your elbow against the tile. I am not Twiggy or Kate Moss, people!  I want room to put my arms above my head (you know, for shampooing my hair!) without damaging myself.  And God forbid I put a detachable shower head in there!  It will come out so far that I'll be unable to stand under the spray unless I back all the way against the wall.  

And I see hundreds of homes with both of these problems Every Time I Look!  Is it really too much to ask for a stove away from where my children will sit or a shower big enough to change my mind in?  Edgy doesn't mean, make it so dangerous that the occupant walks the edge of damaging themselves every time they use one of the main functions of a room!

Can we line up everyone who has designed a home with these particular design flaws and give them all a huge NCIS Leroy Jethro Gibbs style slap to the back of the head, please! Registered & Protected
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The Retired One said...

I also noticed that they had open shelves on the end of that dangerous island...just perfect for the little ones to CLIMB up to the stove and countertop!
Maybe the people that design these homes have no children....or even cook for that matter. ha

Annah said...

Okay, not for anything, but you have EXCELLENT real estate taste girlfriend! And I obsess over the rent craigslist ads ALL THE TIME. Especially places with wood floors and granite kitchens. It's free! Why the heck not?