Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Time to Move On... Kinda

From left to right: Ike, Sheila and Gerald.Image via WikipediaI swear, that I understand that, I look crazy.

God is not telling me to re-up my room again.

No. God is telling me to give almost half my money to Darrell. I'm supposed to put the amount HE told me to in his bank account and then go over there today and give him my bank card for good. Get this, I also have to get my not-exactly-cheap Prilosec and my son a backpack.

This better be one hell of a bounty coming.

It is, and this I know even if my flesh is trying to scream, "what, What, WHAT?!?" Sheila Broflovski style.

It's a test.

I was never a tither. Can't lie. But whenever I have had money in my life, I tried to be good to those around me. That has always been my tithe.

So, without a set place to call my sleeping space tonight, I will do as I am told. Give what I must to be faithful to God.

And tomorrow, I will, with these people that I'm about to leave, give thanks; to all that we did, to all that we were, and to all we're going to be separately.

And I am thankful, because everything brought me here. To this incredibly good, even if a little scary, journey of fully walking with God. In every aspect of my life.

Time to go out into the deep so I may receive my larger haul.  Whenever God says I'm ready for it, I will receive. Yes, I will.

So a happy and bountiful Thanksgiving to you and your family.  Thanks for reading~ stay tuned. Registered & Protected
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The Retired One said...

I have missed these back posts..I don't know how...I know we were crazy this fall and I didn't get to read blogs very often, but I didn't think I missed any of YOURS, dear Aria...I hear the fright and courage in your voice as you wrote this...I so wish I lived closer so I could have helped you more...but know that you are in my thoughts, all the time and I wish the best for you!!