Thursday, November 11, 2010

Alone Again, Naturally

colin firth in love actuallyImage by melilab via FlickrFor those of you who have managed to resist the temptation of facebook, I'll catch you up to speed.

I'm single~ish.

Let me clarify so as not to confuse my long-time readers.

I'm married, still, by some cosmic joke to the person I have always referred to here as ex-hubby.

I never married, because bigamy just isn't attractive, the man that I have always referred to here as Hubby.

Make sense?  I didn't think so... but I'll move on anyway.

Hubby, the man that I moved to Texas for, and the father of my son is no longer Hubby (he's now X-2)... we have decided to call it quits... for real, and for good.

I see myself as Colin Firth in Love Actually, when he winds up in France for his annual writing get-away alone after leaving his cheating ho of a girlfriend.

Hubby didn't cheat on me, but I connect with Colin's delivery of the line (and title of this post) much more than Eric Carmen's wailing of this line from his song by the same title.

And now that I've managed to, despite being completely sober, write as confusingly as if I were stoned to the bejesus belt, I shall continue...

This is actually good news for you, my dear readers.

No longer must I edit out what is going on in my previously boring life because someone doesn't want to get phone calls from his friends asking him pointed questions about something I've written.

Gotta tell ya, as a stay-at-home 'wife' and mother, that puts a HUGE crimp in what I can write about.

But those days are gone... so, beware, be warned, strap-in... I'll be writing uncensored from now on.

And I'm also getting a new look, because the header was a sunset taken from the front yard of X-2's house and obviously, that will cease to be my view sometime after Thanksgiving, since I haven't moved yet.

Therefore, without further ado, this is my notice to you, my readers: Aria'z Ink is about to change...a lot... for the better.

Blessings! Registered & Protected
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