Monday, November 22, 2010

And That Was That

Camelot - Best Western StyleImage by ken mccown via FlickrWhatabunchaDRAMA.

But hey, what's a breakup without some drama?

Every major break-up has to have some drama.

Ours started about 48 hours ago.

I came back to the house and could not stop myself from spouting some hard truths. When I was with my first ex, I called it Will-Tourette's cause I could not stop spouting at that man. Nor this one apparently, on that night anyway.

I may need to work on that.

Anyway, he did not handle those truths well, and by yesterday morning, when I said, "Good Morning" *big smile actually feeling pretty happy* he went kazoo.

Threats, and angry epithets from one end being met with nothing but blessings and requests of friends to pray for his angry-tornado-headed-self. And you can believe it, cause I saved the texts... just in case.  lol  Been through the ex that goes off the rails bit before.

Anyway, I have moved out...and life is beautiful. My living quarters have definitely been upgraded. 

I am officially in transition between that existence and the life that is to come.

My dear readers, I have stepped into my future.

It's bright, beautiful, and blessed. Registered & Protected
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The Retired One said...

I am still happy about that and joyous for you...I know there are hard times ahead for you, but you will do it, I know it in my heart and soul...because you are such a beautiful will be free now to soar to your potential!!!