Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mostly Kind Of Offensive Pictures, So Not Quite Wordless Wednesday *UPDATED!*

The Buddy Christ totally cracks me up!
I know, I need help...
and possibly very strong medication.


"...but look at it. Doesn't it... POP?"

Buddy Christ from DOGMA Pictures, Images and Photos

OH MAAAN! If they had this when I was there,
I'd own it... then I could pose it around the house for when
I really need to chill the hell out cause I'm going to wind up in jail or a hospital clenching my chest and explaining why I took viagra hubby is being a butthead! Ohhh or, like if we go to bed angry, I could position it on my pillow so that it stares and points right at the hubs when he wakes up, which, let's face it, would freak out anyone that isn't already a freak. Like me, I'd laugh my ass off and have to jump up and run to the bathroom to keep from wetting the bed. I admit it. I'm such an idiot! LOL

Yes, I've seen this


in person. It totally pays to know your way around Jersey...

and since I'm an equal opportunity offender...

Rabbi Schmuley


*UPDATED* You too can own the Buddy Christ action figure as shown above... Goto Aria'z Store, it's listed under Miscellaneous!(or just go here)

or Schmoo-ley.

The Schmoo Jew

Schmoo-ley concept by my equally twisted sister, thanks Kar! Registered & Protected


The Bee said...

I hope Santa brings me a Buddy Christ this year!

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Dogma is one of my favorite movies ever!