Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hey Today Show and Neiman Marcus, Kiss My Po' A**

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I'm still suffering from writer's block... at least I was until I came across this story from The Today Show about Neiman Marcus' fantasy holiday gifts. And all I can say is, "Hey, Neiman Marcus, kiss my po' almost outta unemployment ass! And The Today Show can kiss it twice for running the story."

Look, I know the entire country isn't in this shape. I know there are some people that have gotten back to work. I know some families are recovering. I know some people planned well enough that they never even really felt the effects of the recession to begin with. I also know, that a lot of people aren't in that boat. A LOT of people are hurtin' financially.

I know, y'all are scratchin' your heads cause a while back I posted that hubby was back to work. Yeah. That fell through. Quickly enough to continue his unemployment. But, he's almost reached the final pay out so we're at DEF-CON 4 outta 5 on the financially fucked meter.

Bottom line, we're in the same situation as a whole lot of families out there. And hearing constantly how the country is bouncing back isn't really helping cause it's all squawk no walk for most of us.

The smiling 100K-plus earning newscaster has no fucking idea how hard it is to pinch pennies. We've spent our entire earning life pinching pennies. We've pinched so hard our pennies are transparent and there's nowhere left to pinch. So when they're giving out those "money saving tips", they don't help you because you don't do the things they tell you not to do on a regular basis anyway. The "cheap outfits" don't help cause they're spending $30 on a pair of cute shoes and you spend $12 on sneakers that last you three years. And you already eat at home for less than $20 a meal, in fact that's two meals in our house with leftovers, OK? So take your mega-watt-non-helpful-faux-compassionate smile and pucker up Buttercup; Kiss my ass.

So forgive me if I get stabby hearing about the Neiman Marcus list with it's Neiman Marcus edition Jaguar with a price tag of $105,000. We could live on that, VERY comfortably for TWO YEARS ~ AFTER BUYING A NEW TRAILER! Or the customized cup cake car for $25,000, that costs more than my husband earned in unemployment benefits in two years of working his mechanic ass off. I won't even go into what we could do with the $250,000 it takes to buy the ICON A5 sports aircraft and pilot training for two.

So Fuck You Neiman Marcus and fuck you twice American media for trying to convince us that we're doing so much better. A whole lot of us aren't. A whole lot of us are still scared shitless about continuing to feed our kids and still have electricity... and that's with a trailer that's paid off and no car payments. A whole lot of people have it even worse than we do.

Maybe if Neiman Marcus and the people they're marketing their obnoxiously overpriced gifts to were to, oh, I don't know, Stop Thinking About Their Own Greedy Asses for 12.2 seconds and stop emulating George W Bush: the master of fuck your neighbor for fun and profit, and actually donated HALF, just HALF of those ridiculous price tags to people in their own country, IE: NOT ONLY STARVING PEOPLE IN AFRICA, maybe I wouldn't be quite so hostile.

And how's this for a crazy idea: let's not let all the money ONLY go to people in large cities. Because if the US government would bail out it's citizens like it does it's corporations, maybe people would have the money to spend to keep the corporations afloat without only getting in return some bullshit tax credits. I'm trying to keep FOOD on my table and you want to give me tax credits for taking on a car payment and a new home loan. Are you people
HIGH? I can't pay rent or buy food or clothe my family in Walmart jeans and piss-poor quality China-made underwear with your damned tax credits.

So keep bringing me stories about where to buy homes at a steal, in places that no one can qualify for the home loans to buy them because the economies in these places are so busted out you have to have AAA credit and enough money to pay cash for the home in the first place, not to mention that you're buying in a broken down ghost town. And by all means, bring me more stories about expensive grown-up toys at Neiman fucking Marcus.

You need to know that you are no longer talking to ME. You are talking to fewer and fewer people with this twaddle. Go ahead and stay on your cloud. The rest of us are sinking and your bullshit is making us more angry by the day.

The only reason I haven't shot out my TV for showing this inflammatory craptasticousness is because I can't afford to replace it. Registered & Protected

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Crabby Blogging Lady said...

My miserable commiseration! We are in a similar boat here, only we live in New York, where the taxes never end...

Thanks for liking to my blog. That's so cool. That Taliban checklist IS hilarious, ain't it?

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Yeah, those piss me off. It's like rubbing salt in the wounds of those who are struggling to pitch such extravagant crap. There's no law against being rich, but flaunting it is wrong.

They should do features on ways to help others, less fortunate, as the holidays are coming. And buying a $25,000 foreign-made child's toy ain't one of them.

The Retired One said...

I agree Aria. I have a single daughter living in Florida with her boyfriend who just found out she is pregnant. Thankfully, she is employed, but he has been struggling to find work for months too with little luck. They can barely afford rent and her car was totalled in an accident. We helped her all we could on our retirement savings to buy another used car and the used car broke down after two weeks. The Dickhead who sold it to her said "good luck" and hung up on her and would not make good on giving her another car of equal value. She had scaped together enough to buy a warranty when she bought the used car (with the money we loaned them) only to have the warranty company basically screw her too saying what broke down was not covered.). So there they are, broke, pregnant and no car, no second job and her having to beg coworkers for a ride back and forth to a little-more-than min. wage job everyday. The government says she makes too much for assistance.
yeah, right.

Brittany said...

Want me to come down and bring a cheap bottle of tequila? We can do shots and it'll feel like we are rich once we reach the bottom of the bottle?

Brochure Printing said...

Oh, of course the recession ain't over yet! Just because there was good news from Dow Jones the other day, doesn't mean everyone's doing okay now. It'll take some time before the effects of the recession will heal.