Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sometimes You Get What You Asked For

I feel this urge to write... feels like forever since I was able to get onto my own computer. Well, that's kids for you... which is a good thing.

I...I...I...(gosh I sound selfish!)...I...I...I... (oh thank God! some me time! Oh shit, what do I do with me time anyway?) who am I kidding... I'm going to wind up doing for me by doing for others around me. It makes life a whole hell of a lot more pleasant. Like belting out Fall Into Me by Sugarland full throat with no one home...

WHOA! Buh-sted! Of course I was singing it for my man...who was at work, but came in to me 'killing cats'... I HAD THE HEADPHONES ON!!! Talk about mortification! I asked for it *hugeburgandyblush!!!*

And when I say that I asked for it, I mean that even before I hit preschool I used to sing to Sesame Street cast members in my living room... I've been asking for someone to sneak up on me and catch me singing forever...most notably when I was belting it out someone in particular...who would, of course think I sounded phenomenal...but I was killing cats

Which isn't exactly the way it turned out... but I got what I asked for. Sometimes it turns out better than I expected, and considering... eh, I'll take it. He wasn't mean about it (and I've had that before!), he didn't interrupt me (I've had that before)... He let me belt it out in full and then made his presence known and in no uncertain terms let me know it was bad, but gently. I can live with that.

Oh well, Baby! It sucked rocks, but I meant every word.

Blessings, and may your long ago wishes be granted; even if it makes you uncomfortable. Registered & Protected

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