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Media Lemmings and the Demise of Veracity

English: Ad for Hearst papers 1920s William Ra...Image via WikipediaSeriously?

The Today Show showed a segment about pets being kidnapped (obviously someone in the writers room deciding to scare couples who have pets instead of kids). Springer had two women wrestling in BBQ sauce over a guy (kudos to the girlfriend who jumped out, slapped the man and said that he wasn't worth it... in a much more colorful way than is portrayed here; even if she went along at first.)

So again I ask, "SERIOUSLY???"

We are such a populace of lemmings, willing to follow each other over the cliff into the death of mental reasoning.

A people willing to reiterate whatever they hear from the bought-and-paid-for media as absolute truth without doing any follow-up research on their own as to the veracity of the content. Yet, we're convinced to the point of passing along news that we have no idea about (beyond an Ann Curry report) as if the fate of the free world depends on our conviction as we reiterate what we think we know.

Let's be honest here, the integrity of the media went out the window long ago, but we have the temerity to showcase William Randolph Hearst as if his pioneering tactics in controlling the news were so insidious because he was one man.

Now it's being run by conglomerates... but the same tactics are employed. Control of the perception of the public with a slant toward consumerism.

We denounce all of the cover-ups of the past as so scandalous, but we fall for the ones being perpetrated today with no thought whatsoever.

The news makes you fear rapes, murders, and war; then conveniently shows ads for home security systems during the commercial breaks.

Duh. Wake the fuck up, People! It's pathetic.

Aren't we better than this? Or are we simply so complacent in our mental atrophy that we have nothing left to think that isn't programmed into our media-laden lives?

We just don't want to know? No, we don't. We have jobs to do, and kids to shuttle around as we let government preside over more and more of our lives because it's just easier to shout outrage at the laws they're passing than to accept responsibility for our own actions.

Seriously! (again!) Let's pass seat belt laws because someone I know chose... CHOSE... to not wear one and I miss him or her and no one else ever on the face of the earth should go through this pain so let me regulate that everyone else in the foreseeable future to keep another horror like this from happening, and let's fine anyone who doesn't tow the line to pay for my $20K a year raise from my brand new designer desk.

A potentially good idea turned to a money making enterprise because people aren't willing to take responsibility for the actions of themselves and/or deal with the actions of the others in their immediate orbit. Emotional projectile vomiting on the public with an eye on turning a profit.

Stupidity used to be the survival-of-the-fittest way to weed out the population, now we HAVE to keep EVERYONE alive!!! But the only way to do this is to lower our standards until most people are stupid and let the government, through it's media outlets, decide how best to run our lives... let's face it, more people means more money and greed rules the day, under a thin disguise of compassion.

Think I'm talking crazy? How long have movie stars and the rich and famous 'sold' various fashions? How far fetched is it to think that the brainiacs of this country, under the multi-trillion-dollar financed company, called the federal government, tapped into this mass-mind-control method and decided to sell their ideas to the public this way?

Step one: Reduce the IQ of the population by feeding it nothing but mental junk-food; Springer has been on the air for 20 years... Survivor, American Idol... nothing thought provoking. Nothing topical. No Meat and Potatoes for the brain.

Step two: Drive the country into the ground like ya stole it cause you did George W. Bush by inflating emotional response and inciting war with your co-conspirators, because emotional responses reduce critical thinking. Fill our heads with keywords like 'terror' to put us in that fearful mindset year after year until we beg our leaders to do something to 'protect us' because we're so scared we can't think straight.

Step three: Sling shit and sell, sell, sell until we have a completely complacent society that we control with our earning potential through what we tell the media to portray. More people means more money and more money means that I can afford to survive when Earth reaches it's carrying capacity and people start dying off in droves because I'm rich through the aforementioned tactics and I've got the means to afford the Gucci insurance.

*frustrated eyeroll*

I guess what I'm trying to say is, "Quit Buying In". Stop the apathy and think beyond what is said on facebook or the 5 o'clock news.

I won't say any more because I don't want to be targeted by whatever government agency it is that assassinates those who think freely and try to pass along some iota of common sense. CIA? FBI? NSA?... Nah, I'd probably be gunned down by the FCC.

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