Friday, February 3, 2012

Generosity of Spirit Movement

I used to post LMFAO Fridays because let's face it, I had an aecerbic wit.

That particular brand of wit only comes out once in a while now... just not feeling all that aecerbic.

I'm too happy for aecerbic. Which is a little bad for writing comedy, because there's no tension, except for the conditioned drama inside my own mind...and even that has become infrequent and easily quieted. Life's good. Makes writing snarky comments hard. So instead, I'm changing to a new program.

Kudos Fridays are more along the line of my current thinking... a Generosity of Spirit Movement if you will.

Inspired by a picture I found on facebook this morning. Thank you to the 'PUNK' in the picture for your showing of joy and consideration for another human being; may we all be as generous during our respective days.

Taken from  Kristine Grandt but only because it was reposted by one of my facebook friends, and of course I then turned around and reposted it as well...

Psst... let's all pass this one around and start a Generosity of Spirit Movement! Isn't it all about being the change you want to see in the world?

Took me 40 years to get that one concept.

What you put out there (to the Universe) comes back to you. And I for one could stand a world full of people that are generous of spirit. Seems we (as a whole of humanity) have forgotten to treat other people as... People.

We've forgotten the Golden Rule (refresher!): Do unto others as you would have done to you.

And it shows.


In the cart-blocking lady at the grocery store who couldn't give a hoot that she's taking up the entire lane, but expects you to go around her... let me break that down:  EXPECTS... you... to go around her... so that she should not be bothered having to show the slightest bit of consideration for other... human beings... while she makes her selections.

When did RUDE become the American standard INSIDE AMERICA?

Apparently, obviously, this is how we got the world reputation of 'Rude American'.

Like it or not, that's our proper title internationally.

I'm sick of it being indicative of any trip out of the walls of my own home... Thank God it's not the way I live...anymore. I sure spent my fair share of years in hostile environments that I called home.

I've found a new way. Kindness, generosity, thoughfulness, and consideration for others. And it comes back to you. So put out there what you want back. If you're tired of your situation, change your attitude and things WILL improve... and let me say to the microwave, video-game, instant download generations... It takes more than one act, or one day, or one week... If you truly want it to change, INVEST- in your future surroundings... by being generous of spirit everytime you are able for the rest of your days.

I promise; smiling from the inside out is so worth it. Registered & Protected

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