Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Y'all Make Me Sick

Y'all make me sick. Gut wrenching, wanna come through the TV screen and hit'cha with a brick to knock some sense into you, SICK.

In fact, I'm so pissed off that I'm actually going to spell it all out for y'all.




As in, what the fuck are y'all thinking? Are we really still this narrow... again? Are we really going to create a huge hoopla over a presidential speech aimed toward our children telling them to stay in school, get an education and create goals for themselves?

Can I ask y'all this; if Reagan or Clinton or George W. more-angles-than-a-protractor Bush was doing this speech, would any of us without kids in school even know about it? Would parents be pre-censoring a presidential speech? I can already tell you the answer...

NO, we would not.

And yet here we are as backwards as married cousins in the Ozarks running our lips against something that has nothing to do with what we're all concerned about. It isn't a presidential speech. No, it health care reform. And y'all want to bitch about that too. So again I say...




Y'all will go and send $30 a month to some bloated-bellied-fly-in-the-eye African child that you have never, and will never see live and in person, but you've got issues with spending an extra $30 a month towards health care so the girl that knows your exact order, greets you with a smile and a kind word, and has you half rung up before you even get to the register every weekday morning at the Arco can get health insurance and not die from a throat abcess because she couldn't afford an out of pocket doctor's visit and a round of amoxicillin in what is supposed to be 'The Greatest Country in the World!'. Please, tell me how this makes sense.

Are we really this greedy? And narrow minded? And fearful of change? As 'The Greatest Country in the World' shouldn't we be able to change. I mean REALLY change. I mean not just buckle under to the rhetoric of the people lining their own pockets in Washington and spew the filth forth from our own lips like it were gospel. Are we, when faced with the ability to take steps forward for our country, going to bad mouth them because they're coming out of the mouth of someone who is from a different political party. Sounds like same-old-shit to me.

When did it become OK to shoot down someone else's ideas without being able to offer up a different one in it's place? And what is so wrong with looking at all types of ideologies and keeping what has been proven to work and pitching out the rest in an effort to build a better system? How and when did this become taboo?

Apparently, all throughout American history. Do the names Lincoln and Kennedy and King Jr. ring any bells?

With all the advances in medicine and science and technology, we should be a better society as a whole, instead we've back-slid like toboggan carrying midgets on a snow covered hill.

We've become a nation of Jerry Springer audience members. The lowest common denominator of society.

And that's exactly what your government wanted out of you for 8 years. Be greedy, so we can be greedy. Be suspicious so we can authorize all kinds of shady shit like going to war with a country NOT harboring the mastermind of a terrorist faction that killed our citizens on our soil. Be fearful so we can justify more shady shit like spying on our own citizens and doing wire taps for fun and profit.

And THAT goes unquestioned. THAT goes unchecked and approved by the general public. But, health care for those making minimum wage and a presidential speech telling kids to stay in school... Oh HISS!!!

On top of that bullshit, this morning showcased an interview with the two brothers who were convicted of murder at the ages of 12 and 13 and are now out of whatever type of prison facility they were in, and they had the unmitigated gall and audacity to say that they had made a mistake, but lots of people make those mistakes.



That's the kind of shit someone would say on the stage of the Jerry Springer Show right before an audience member got up and tried to throw a chair at them. As far as I know, neither Matt nor Meridith threw chairs at the boys, who are now free men and will no doubt be rich beyond their wildest dreams once the book deals with movie rights are signed.

Oh, yeah, and they also announced a partial line up for the Michael Jackson memorial tour (gotta milk that dead, drug addicted, accused pedophile cash cow one more time, Papa Joe) and Chris Brown was listed along with Mary J Blige, and of course some other Jacksons.




I have to go now. I'm going to go talk to the cows over the back fence as they have more sense than the general American public. At least until Mary kicks Chris Brown's woman-beating-ass and y'all quit acting like fucking idiots by condoning this monumentally colossal amount of bullshit.

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Angelika said...

I must say that I agree with this entire post.

Remind me never to get on your bad side, LOL.

Jennifer said...

I am with you about the uproar about the speech Obama is giving today. Give me a fucking break, he is not dumb enough to try and push a political agenda on kids. Oh, and did you know that Reagan AND George Bush (SR.) both gave speeches to school children during their administrations and do you think there was a big stink about it then? Hell no. Everyone was all for it. It is these backwoods, bible-thumping, cousin-marrying, ignorant people that cause real change to stall. I don't see what is wrong with healthcare for all. Greed is the disease of our nation, well that and ignorance.....and stupidity.

Buggys said...

Amen Sister!

The Bee said...

Tell it!

Chris@Maugeritaville said...


Great job.

One Creative Queen said...


Brilliant post, my dear...simply brilliant. Thanks for having the guts to say it!! xx

Aria said...
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The Retired One said...

It never fails...same idiots, same prejudices, same stupidity. Sigh.

Brittany said...

My comment but I see ya put it up for me =)

My kids are watching it. I don't have a problem with anyone addressing my children about education at all! I just want someone to address me about the vicious circle of education. How teachers aren't paid, getting laid off, not enough resources, money being spent for non necessities of schools, too large classrooms etc. I don't care who it is talking - just help me understand. Help me know how I can help make education better for my child so they want to show up. God could address my kids, but if I don't put forth effort too what good is it? Ya know?!?!?!