Monday, August 17, 2009

Claustrophobic Insomnia

All these things going on, and I'm still not sure what to post about. Cause I'm conflicted. And because none of it's funny (which will get me a poke in the funny bone from Don) and because I have finally become tainted in so far as recognizing that I have readers and followers before I write... Which, btw, is not good. You either become all commercialized or meek cause you don't want to offend people. And I hate that shit. Who wants to read someone that censors themselves before they go to print? If I wanted to read that kind of thing I'd get a newspaper. The beauty of a blog is supposed to be that you, the reader, get to read something either made up and hilarious or real and hilarious or not so hilarious, but totally relate-able or not hilarious or relate-able, but totally true; you know, like instructions and shit.

But when you start to write a post and catch yourself saying inside your head, "No, don't write about that, you'll loose people." It may be time for a break in order to get a new perspective and a slap in the skull. Because, lets face it, the only thing a writer should be saying to themselves in their heads is, "How the hell is this coffee cup empty already?!?!? Do I have coffee gnomes? OMG, what kind of home-poisoning do I have to do to be rid of coffee gnomes, and is it dangerous for my kids?"

But in all reality, my problem is not coffee gnomes. My problem is that I'm an insomniac and writing comes much more easily for me in the wee hours of the morning than at, say, 4 pm. That and I'm having to payback a karmic debt and it's seriously sucking because of the timing and spacial restrictions...

We have a 'house guest'. One of my husband's friends, has found himself in the position of being homeless, and not for any illegal or jacked reason. In fact, the friend's situation is quite similar to a family member of mine, so I understand and am sympathetic. Also, I have spent a little time in the rank & file of the homeless, so, again, I'm sympathetic.

But there are already two adults and a turbo unit living in a space the size of a postage stamp. So let's add another grown person to the space, sleeping on the couch that is in the room with the TV and that room is also the room I have to go through to get to the computer and you now see my inherent problem with the house guest. Not to mention that I have a total thing about anyone outside my immediate family using my shower... and well... let's just say that yesterday was the first full day (second night) of 'house guest' and last night (this morning to those of you on a normal schedule) I had a nightmare about an ape-load of people in my (dream) huge kitchen and they were all trying to 'help' but doing everything wrong and I finally started telling everyone that they had to leave the room and go somewhere else... and I distinctly remember saying, "I just can't take it anymore, y'all have to get out of here" more than once. UmmmHmmm. I think I have issues about the whole 'house guest' situation in the space I'm in, don't you? I won't even go into how it's totally killing me creatively, because now, at 3 am when I'm wide awake and could be posting wonderfully funny-insane posts coming out of my sleep-deprived skull, or watching TV for ideas, I feel forced to stay in my bed and stare at the ceiling while hubby sleeps and I can't. Whoop-fucking-ee.

And in true Billy Mays style... But Wait There's More!!!

I just got told that hubby is putting a radiator into his ex-wife's car and so his son is coming to stay for a couple of days to help him and drive it home once it's done. So now, we'll have munchkin in his bed, house guest on the living room couch and step-son on the living room floor while I lay wide ass awake staring at the ceiling at 3 am for at least two days.

I may start sleeping in my Toyota Echo (smaller than a Corolla) for some breathing room.

So it is, that until further notice, the only posts you can be POSITIVE about are the LMFAO Fridays, because I have huge issues with posting crap just so I have something to post cause it's Monday or Wednesday or whatever. I will post when I have something worth sharing. I'm not going to dry up into the atmosphere, but I'll spare you shit posts like this one from here on out. Good Luck, God Bless, and I'll see you on Friday. Registered & Protected


Don Wendel said...

Not 1, not 2 but 3 men and baby :) You will have plenty to bitch... I mean write about.


Lin said...

You know, I'm with you on the freedom of blog writing, but the truth is, you get some nasty shit back from people which sucks. It would be great if you could just write whatever and let people just suck it up and take it in--but they don't. They smart back at you and leave hateful comments and that is a buzzkill. Well, it is for me, so I've kind of backed off the radical stuff because my dear little heart can't take the pallies turning on me. Okay, I'm a wimp. Whatever. I hope you are braver than I. :)

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Good luck. Take a deep breath. We can wait for content. You have a boatload of stuff on your plate.

The Retired One said...

No, no...this situation will give you rant stories. I guarantee it...because you are going to have all those MALES in the are going to know it...and you are always hilarious when you do.
I'll be waiting.....