Thursday, June 18, 2009

Missing the Mojo

I know I've been getting bad about blogging on a regular schedule. Even my daughter, who was home from school Monday, gave me a stern talking to about not having a new post up that day for her to read in her infirmary-contained state.

I agreed, calling myself a "Bad Blogger-Mom!" loudly and with emphasis. It seems that ever since Aria'z Ink turned one, I've lost my Mojo. I don't know how or why it happened. I can speculate that ever since I read The Secret and have been trying to put the principles of happiness to work in my life, the writing has become more difficult... mainly because I don't have anything going on to bitch and break out my shotgun over. And, with me at least, that really puts a damper on my writing.

I've been writing for years, and I've come to realize that I'm much better when I have drama and gripes to pour my words out over. And that when things are going well, and I'm fairly happy, and I'm focusing my energies on positive wonderful things... well, the inkwell dries up. Which sucks.

I can post that my amazing, super-smart, gorgeous daughter is winning the President's Award, and about to graduate 5th grade, making her an (almost) middle-school student, and that she's started her own blog that she's named after mine, Josie'z Ink... but I can only blog that once, ya know?

I can post that my two-year-old son is growing like a weed and is adding to his vocabulary daily, including, much to my chagrin (even if it's adorable cause he says it with emphasis and in proper context) the word 'shit' and that he's graduated from flushing electronics down the toilet to stopping up the bathroom sink and then turning on the water full blast so that he can play in it, thereby flooding the bathroom... but that kind of news is already old.

And hubby and I are totally getting along now, which is NO fun whatsoever to post about. My body is still waging all out war against me, but in ways that I've already discussed, so snore.

So I ask you, what do I do? I refuse to make stuff up. But I've got nothing but sunshine and friggin' daisies goin' on over here. Who the hell wants to read that icky-sticky-give-you-cavities-sweet... *puke* I don't want to read that crap post after post, why would I subject you to it?

I'm sure not gonna start writing ho-hum technical posts that concentrate on my keywords and SEO. I subscribe to those blogs, and rarely actually read them... unless I'm looking for something specific... whatever, not gonna write that stuff.

I guess my choices are to be insanely happy and Mojo-less or Bitch-a-saurus Rex and have plenty of hilarious things to post as I work the nerves of everyone around me into frayed dental floss and I can't even stand to be around myself...

Hmmm... tough choice. Really. I love writing funny posts. I love skewering the incompetent and lazy in the pages of this blog. I also love laughing from the inside out and not being on the brink of divorce because I'm such a snapper. I guess this is one I have to use The Secret to meditate on, because I want it all. I want my cheesecake and eat it too. Happy and Plenty-to-post-about.

Of course, I'm not sure I'll know what to do with myself, but I am willing to take that chance... Registered & Protected


Lin said...

That's when I start digging in the photo albums for bad photos and great stories. It usually works.

Brittany said...

You can make something up. That would be cool, I'll play along with you LOL!

The Retired One said...

Oh Aria....Just think of your ex husband and things that happened back in the day....
yes, you're feelin' it NOW, aren't you? AREN'T YOU???? get to the keyboard and spew out some of those stories!!!
(Don't worry..the SECRET will know that you those negative times are now looked upon by a wiser, happier woman, so it won't bring bad karma your way!)

hangover cure said...

Ha, great article! Keep them coming!