Monday, June 29, 2009

Overwhelmed By News

Inundated and overwhelmed. The news, the media coverage of the news... I.Am.Up.To.My.Eyeballs. I can barely think straight anymore.

First of all, there really is only so much Michael Jackson coverage that I can take. As it is, every time I've woken up since Friday morning, I've had an MJ song in my head. The other day it was Black & White. This morning it was Don't Stop Till You Get Enough. Bottom line, as much as I appreciate the man's musical genius, as much as I think he was a very damaged and misunderstood person, I am fully and completely saturated by the media coverage. Please Stop I've Had Enough... Whooo!

And then there was Ed McMahon, who got at least one night of media coverage before being relegated to the ranks of Michael-died afterthoughts. Unlike poor Farrah, who battled valiantly for years only to succumb to the cancer on the same day that Michael OD'ed thereby dropping her passing to barely mentioned within 3 hours. Sad, but suffering no more, even if she did take second billing.

And there we had our three, cause celebrity deaths always come in threes. Ed kicked it off, Farrah was the second act, and then there was Michael and his never-ending grand finale...

Then, inbetween All-Michael's-Death-All-The-Time coverage, we find out yesterday that Billy Mays died. Honestly, they're playing up this bump on the head theory, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit if it were found to be a heart attack or stroke. The man practically yelled me off the couch during every commercial he was in. I always felt like his veins were going to explode during the intensity of any one of his pitches. That said, 50 is way too young, and my heart goes out to his family. Although, his death kicks off a whole new set, and I'm waiting with baited breath and trepidation to see who the next two are going to be.

With any luck the next two will be Bernie Madoff and Robert Allen Stanford; the Ponzi Profiteers who bilked BILLIONS from their investors, thereby destroying and or ending countless lives just so they could have bigger yachts.

Madoff's lawyer is asking for only 12 years. Which is agreeable to me, if those 12 years consisted of acts too unspeakable to mention, followed by watching the same happen to his wife, the "beloved Ruth". Cause you know that snapper knew exactly what was going down as she was spending 90K on drapes. And these news reports that have her 'forfieting 80 million and is only left with 2.5 million' Ugghhh! First of all, she didn't FORFIET anything; she and her husband STOLE IT and the government, through stolen property provisions in the law are getting it back. How is it that she's 'agreed' to do anything. I don't care if she threw a bloody fit, her consent should fall into the category of "I don't give a damn what you say you thieving beotch", or somewhere in that neighborhood. The fact that she's left with 2.5 CENTS is too much. If she's not going to prison, then at least let her wind up homeless, vehicle-less and penniless like so many of their investors. OK, Bernie, 12 years... Per Victim for you, sentance to be carried over by any and all people that benefited from your so-called earnings. That seems fair.

Then you have crazy-eyed Robert Allen Stanford. OMG! How did people trust this wild-eyed smiling psycho with their money? I don't get it. Dude looks completely unhinged in every clip I see of him. At least Madoff presented himself as sane and stable, but Stanford's victims had to have been blind. How could anyone look at this guy and think to themselves that he's a good bet to be in charge of my hard-earned money? And Stanford's lawyer keeps claiming that he's not a flight risk... Yeah, and I'm a fucking smurf. They couldn't even find this guy for months. Besides, isn't asking for bail basically asking us to trust him? Buddy, you don't have enough time left on this earth for me to trust you again for anything other than wasting my air.

Despite all of this tearful, blood-pressure-raising news over the past week, I'm still trying to find reasons to be grateful, because it is my honest opinion that showing gratitude in dark times is one of the surest ways to get out of those dark times...

So, I am grateful... EXTREMELY grateful...

Because George W. Bush still isn't President of the United States anymore.


I feel better already. Registered & Protected


The Retired One said...

I loved MJ's music..but I, too have HAD it with the saturation in the news...I couldn't believe that CBS news (dear Katie) spent the ENTIRE national news forecast (less 60 whole other seconds on Iran) on talking exclusively about Michael Jackson. (I normally watch Brian on NBC but our satellite reception wasn't working for that channel that night). National news and she spends it exclusively on that. She didn't even mention Farrah, either.
Even CNN spent most of air time on the passing of Michael Jackson.
The only news channel I really like now is BBC because at least the British news doesn't repeat the "flavor of the day" sensational news top story over and over and over...and it actually covers things that are happening in the entire world.
I have had it too. Thanks for an opportunity to VENT with ya!

Aria said...

And thank you for commenting so that I don't think I'm a sacrilegious heathen for being tired of hearing it... and I agree... if you want the real news in the world, the only hope we, as Americans, have to get it is BBC. Thank goodness it airs on PBS too, or I'd never get it.

myra said...

I agree with you both I did not even know about Ed McMahon till yesterday all I kept hearing about was MJ

Lin said...

Heee Heeee--Me too! Enough of MJ already. I didn't like him THAT much. Sheesh. Wait for the freak show that is the funeral--mark my words--glass casket, laid out for days for everyone to see. Ugh. I just know his dad is going to milk this for all that it is worth. Kill me now.

Aria said...

I know, right, Lin? OMG, there is something BAD WRONG with papa Joe... almost makes you look at the entire family and go, "Oh, hell, I understand now!" Every time I see him lately, he looks like the cat that ate the canary. The man turns my stomach.