Sunday, September 21, 2008

Relaxation and Bloated Whales

This is me relaxing--writing my blog. I suppose that makes total sense for someone who has been a slave to the word since childhood. From the time I started reading, I have either had a pen and paper or a book to read in my hands. I love words. It could also be indicative of a Sunday at home with my family...maybe...

I do other 'odd' things to relax... Whenever money is tight, I figure out how I would budget and spend whatever the expected take from the next lotto jackpot would be, including taxes, charitable contributions, living expenses, the works. I did that Friday.

I also love reiki for relaxation and rejuvenation, but lately, I've been burning the candle at both ends and doing the reiki on myself puts me to sleep with all my chakras open, which is not such a cool thing. I've done that three times this week.

Eating cheesecake with a terrific cup of coffee is great too...but too often will turn you into a bloated whale. Speaking of relaxation and bloated whales, let me tell you about breakfast today and my attempt at Sunday morning relaxation...

Normally if I fix hubby pancakes for Sunday breakfast, I will serve him up and proceed to return to the kitchen to fix myself an egg and cheese on whole wheat toast. Today, however, for some bizarre reason, I found myself wanting the pancakes too. Rationally, I know better than this. They are far too rich as well as protein-nonexistent for me to eat them--especially in the morning. But, my brain still snoozing, I somehow convinced myself that pancakes would be wonderful and very relaxing! All golden brown with butter and syrup, it couldn't get more 'comfort food' than that. I got hungrier as I cooked and by the time it came to serve them up, I had-had-had to have three! Yum!!!

YUCK! Thick, over sweet, syrup drenched, butter-laden bread disks. I managed to gag down about one half of my three-high stack, my son running happily back and forth between my husband and I for bites which I willingly gave him to diminish the amount on my plate. Finally, even he wouldn't eat any more, and I could barely stand to look at them, much less smell the remainder of maple syrup on the plate. My stomach felt twelve sizes too big and my tongue was sickeningly sweet tasting. Thank goodness for coffee to lessen the sugar-induced coma that was sure to descend at any moment. I took the plate outside and threw it to the yard cats & the chickens. It was gone inside of three minutes. One of the first times ever that I was thankful for those mini-vultures. So, no go on the relaxing pancakes (I won't make that mistake again for, oh... 10 months or so).

I had woke up early in a female "unfriendly" state that required an immediate launch from the bed. I was very tired, and extremely uncomfortable. It's better thanks to the God given Life-Force-In-A-Cup that is coffee--which by the way, I swear increases IQ points-- but the relaxation thing has still been something of a bust.

It's basically like every other day except that hubby is home because it's a weekend, so there is something Disney coming from the sound system, but it's too loud, I can't sit on the couch cause he's draped across it, watching the too loud movie with more interest than my son. The bathroom is, by now, most likely a disaster. And I have no doubt what so ever that my bed has page upon page of stereo specifications spread across it for his perusal whenever he returns to them.

The only "safe" place for my relaxation is back here, in front of my beloved 'Puter. The chair is horrible to sit in (especially today!), but it's my only place of relative peace. So, today, my blog is my relaxation... Not exactly what I was hoping for... but it will do, it will do.

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