Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Difference Between Sisters

I told my sister last night that I was going to do a blog post about her. She laughed and said, "cool" even though she didn't think it would be very complimentary. I said that she was right considering that in the last two weeks, she has started throwing me over for calls from a new guy and to re-up her IV bottle for her current addiction, Heroes On Demand on her PC. She did all of season one from Friday evening to Sunday night--we are talking total addict behavior!

And while I'm sure I could be somewhat scathing in my K-expose, I will not let my current disappointment at coming in third cloud my writing. First of all, it is temporary. Secondly, my mother will read this. And last, but most definitely not least, my sister is one of the coolest people I know--and even though she is my younger sister, sometimes I want to grow up to be like her.

I have always been the proverbial fart-in-the-wind. I go where life takes me. I plan very little. Stuff just kinda 'happens' to me and I deal or bitch about it or both. I do the best I am able to in any given situation, but I am not someone who has the determination or focus to make a list of goals and set about crossing off my list one by one... My Name Is NOT Earl. I can make the list, but I'll loose it or loose interest in it before I get to item number two, if I even did item number one.

My sister, however, is one of the most focused and determined people I know. She has two college degrees, and is currently a Master or Journey level Electrician (in NJ it's called journey, in Texas it master--whatever the highest level is in your part of the world; that's what she is). She used to be a volunteer firefighter and still holds a current pyrotechnics license because she also used to put on fireworks shows for fun and profit... She is single, straight, and owns her own home, plus an extra attached lot and two vehicles.

I can't remember to take my antibiotics for 14 days straight...

My sister also has the sexual attitude of a man, and if she were one, she'd be a Playa'. Totally unfair is the gender bias, because since she is female, she'd be termed a slut. Which is completely inaccurate. She is however, the woman that mothers' warn their sons about when they start dating. She is currently rotating 4 men, and they all know that she is not exclusive, and they all still call or text at least twice a week. She has no real interest in keeping a single one of them, she simply wants to play with them like a shiny new toy until their luster wears off, and then return them to wherever in the universe they came from. No harm, no foul. She has no desire or need of marriage or children, and her love life is all the more active and physically demanding for it.

The most exciting thing that hubby and I do in bed is read--stereo mags for him and floorplans or novels for me...

For all her 'promiscuity' my sister is also the most loyal person you will ever meet. Almost all of her past 'boyfriends' become good friends and remain so for many years, even after they've married and had children with other women. In fact, she is able to be great friends with these women and do things with them without the men present at all. And, despite her not wanting her own kids, she is one of the first people on the list when someone in the family needs a babysitter. And she lavishes attention and common sense care giving on her nieces and nephews. They all love it when Aunt K comes to sit them.

I have my own two children, and they're pretty much the only kids I like... and some days I don't even like them all that much...

My sister also travels, wherever she wants whenever she wants. K will plan a trip and go come hell or high water. She planned a white-water rafting trip to the Grand Canyon, tore some muscles in her knee at work, did rehab on her mangled knee and went to the gym to be ready for the trip, because she was going to have to hike I-don't-know-how-many miles in to meet up with the group. She did, and can't wait to go do it again. She also has an astounding sense of direction which makes day-trips in the car a breeze for her and she takes them often.

I can't even plan a weekend getaway if I get started on Monday, and I'll get lost about 20 times on the way there if I'm driving myself...

The only thing that we did manage to inherit equally was our sense of humor and our lack of judgementalism towards one another. We are very lucky in this respect, because it makes us the best of friends. We crack each other up with jokes so black-dark that other people would gasp-out-loud and wonder how anyone would or could laugh at such a thing. We talk a lot, we laugh a lot, we have each other's backs always, and we play psychologist to each other whenever it is needed without the condescending looks (or tones--we are 1200 miles apart!) or the second-mortgage price tag.

Because for all my meandering, and her determination, despite the distance, and given the roller-coaster rides that our lives and our relationship has experienced, we are best friends. I can't wait for her to finish all the back episodes of Heroes so we can commiserate over the latest ones, same with all the new episodes of the shows we both watch. But I have one thing to say, K...

Chicks before Dicks... answer the phone!

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