Sunday, June 8, 2008

White Trash Woman

It is so amazing to be just tooling through life to suddenly one day realize that you are white trash.

I don't know how it happened. I came from a good home. My parents were both professionals in NJ and they stressed repeatedly the mantra, "Get An Education!!!" I'd never even seen a trailer up close and personal. I have a good vocabulary and all of my teeth. I wasn't pregnant by 14, and finally, the only time I'd been to Florida was to visit DisneyWorld. These were the prequalifications to being white trash, as I knew it and I didn't fit any of them. So, it never occurred to me that I was headed for a life that in so many ways could have me as a regular on Jerry Springer. At least to an outsider's perspective.

Since I was busy living my sordid life, I never realized what it would possibly look to someone that didn't know me and my struggles. I finally saw it one day in a conversation with my sister, when I listed my many past actions and came to the startling conclusion, which burst forth from my mouth in an anguished, astonished shout, "Oh My God!!!! I am white trash!" My sister gave a giggle at my realization and said that I wasn't until I pointed out that if I was talking about someone we didn't know, we would have been sure that the person I was describing fit all of the above listed stereotypes.

I haven't broken the news to my parents yet that they have raised a white trash woman. They will be devastated, so I have omitted certain circumstances of &/or actions that I've taken in my life. I've let them live in their little bubble. That's all about to change...

Mom, Dad... pass the honey baked ham & an ashtray, now have a seat on the front porch of my singlewide, I've got something to tell you....


Anonymous said...

Hey, sweetie...thanks for givihe link to the new site...I know your parents may not believe youre white trash when you break it down for 'em so if you are interested in buying a trailer in Florida you let me know! That should bring it home for 'em! :-)

Best wishes to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I just had hand surgery today so sorry if my typing is off today!