Sunday, June 8, 2008

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I'm a born and bred Jersey girl. Then I turned 18 and moved all the way across the country to northern California, where I grew up and into my adult self. I'm a don't-take-any-shit-from-anyone kind of person, which served me well in my years spent in the lunatic-man's-world of the automotive industry.

In 2006 I split from my first husband and met my second husband, who brought me to his home: Texas. After 35 years of steadfast northern suburbia, I now reside about five miles outside of an itty-bitty town about fifty miles outside of Houston. Many people in Houston don't know that our town exists. I've adopted a teeny-tiny drawl. Doesn't matter. I'm still screwed cause I'm a Yankee Democrat. My neighbors are cows and chickens. My road markers tend to be corn and cotton fields. Culture shock is putting it oh-so-mildly.

I have two children, one from each husband. My daughter is 10 going on 30. My son is 2 going on 12. I have my hands full, and sometimes my arms and lap too. I cuss. I yell. I am never going to get a Mother of the Year Award... ever. As in Ever. Ever.

In my younger days, I was crayzie, as in 'girl you so' (not to be confused with crazy as in 'get the straight-jacket and leg restraints'), now I'm just a nutty woman living in the country of Houston~ish, Texas... bring your passport, it's a whole other world down here.

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