Monday, June 23, 2008

In Memoriam

""Over the last two weeks, we have lost two of the most influential people in my life; Tim Russert, and George Carlin. I am heartbroken, which I guess is fitting in that they both died of heart failure.

""I didn't know that Tim Russert's death would have such an impact on me. When I learned of it, I cried and got goose bumps instantly, and continued to do so every time it was mentioned on any broadcast or show that I saw. I had no idea that I relied so heavily on his perspective on the world arena. How much I appreciated the questions that dared to ask. They were sometimes so smart, that I wouldn't have known to ask them, but every time, they cut past the crap and got to the heart of the matter so that the answers, when he courageously pressed for them would answer exactly whatever it was that I was trying to figure out about a topic. And always, he did it with heart, and true concern for our country and the direction we were headed in. I didn't expect to be deeply touched by the death of Tim Russert, and yet I was.

""George Carlin, on the other hand, didn't surprise me at all. He was my first stand-up comic. And like a virgin who's first man was hung like a walrus, I was forever changed. Now, to my mother's defence, she was a single parent working two jobs when I, at the tender age of 11, had my life roto-rootered by "Carlin at Carnegie". Much to my mother's consternation, he is the root cause of why I am a true vulgarian. After that special; I became a stand-up comedy junkie, said the dreaded 'F word' like one would say their name (causing countless phone calls from countless other 11 year olds' mothers), and have always had a special place in my heart & soul for the irreverent and irascible but somehow lovable Carlin no matter what he was doing. You know it's love when you can forgive him for voicing a character on "Thomas the Tank Engine".

""Tim and George both taught me to ask questions even if they were tough ones, and to never 'just accept' what the government told us. And maybe even more importantly, they taught me to care about the answers. They drove home my concept of thinking outside the box and being able to laugh sometimes at what is inside said box.

""I shudder to think what will happen to this country without Tim & George having the courage and intelligence to ask the questions and let us all in on what they've come up with. Thank you for your work, my unbeknownst-to-you friends. Condolences to all of us that have to go on without you both. I hope we don't fuck up too badly without you here.

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