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Life Isn't Quite the Suckfest It Once Was... An Update... Finally

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 25: In this photo illu...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeWell, well... it only took two months to update again... But this time it's a new dawn in an internet connected place to live... for real... for a while... until I can get my own.

For those of you who do not do facebook (or follow me there), let me catch you up... quickly...

Which is probably not really fair to those of you that only know me here, and for that I apologize for the gyp, but rehashing two months of this crazy life of mine, as fun as that may sound, is boring as hell for me, so I'll give ya the highlights and hope you can forgive me and follow along, since I will be blogging much more regularly once again...

In between working, and school, and spending time with my son (who still lives with his father but visits regularly now), and trying to piece together an actual life that does not solely consist of sitting in front of the computer on my days off.

What can I say... I'm a rebel.

I still believe in Real Life beyond the screen despite it's many pitfalls and the insanity of the world at large.

I've changed... reborn you might say... but you already knew that... so let me tell you what you may not know....

I got a place to stay with a friend of Tx-ex's. I moved in on Valentine's Day night. He gave me a key to the house the next morning. He's the best roomie ever.

EV-AR.  Hands down... and that includes my sister when we were kids.

We are not a couple.

It's one of the healthiest non-relationships of my life.

I got a job two days later at the local grocery store. I was hired as a closing bookkeeper and cashier. The people are awesome and a month later, I still love it... in that 'below my capabilities so I totally rock this job' kind of way.

Don't care. I'm eligible for benefits and a 401K in two months and I make more than minimum wage... added bonus; it's literally a two minute drive from the house... with traffic.

School.... *sigh* what to say? I still want my degree, but I have been slacking. An easy thing to do when you work till late and have no internet.... but I'll buckle down now that I have a solid place to do it... at least until I get my AA. Beyond that, who knows?

Truth be told, I love learning, and hate schoolwork. So...we'll see. Not super thrilled about having to learn the intricacies of insurance rules and regulations either. So I'm totally passing, but no where near giving a damn about my GPA at the moment.... and 5 more years of classes for my Masters... who the fuck knows.

The guy? Well, we're "in talks".  I'm not even going to go there, other than to restate a couple of my facebook statuses and the issues behind them:

Lack of communication: Your silence speaks louder than a pimp's golf pants.

The on again off again nature of our still-long-distance-relationship: I miss you even if you are the butt-crack sand in the bathing suit of my life.

My daughter is doing beautifully, although she has been throwing me some definite teenager 'tude and has been dripping sarcasm all over me... of which I'm kind of proud... 'cause I'm from Jersey.

And my son and I turned 4 and 40 respectively on the 6th. That picture is now my facebook profile picture and I only even have it because A both thought of it and had the patience to get a great shot of us.

And that's all I've got for the updates. I'm better than fine, but not spectacular. I pray every day and send out blessing texts most mornings to my peeps. Some days they come from me, and other days they come through me...

Either way, makes no difference to me. I'm just grateful to be alive, with a car that still runs, a job that I don't mind going to, a place to live with my own room, shower, and house key, friends and family that stood by me, and two kids that I love no matter where they are, how they act, and how they still make me feel in awe that God would entrust their amazing selves to me of all people, and most of all, a deep, strong relationship with God, who makes me learn about myself and fix what is fucked up with me.

In old-Aria terminology: Life isn't quite the suckfest it used to be... but it is far from being a completed journey.

Blessings! Registered & Protected
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