Saturday, March 19, 2011

How Many People are in That Body of Yours Anyway?

Angry catImage via WikipediaI'm starting to wonder that very question.

To say, "one" is to limit yourself, to say higher numbers draws the attention of mental health professionals.

But really, aren't we all more than one person?

We have our private side, that is known only to us and whatever universal force we subscribe to (mine is called God, and is a He...what can I say, I was raised Roman Catholic... feel free to substitute whatever moniker rings with your truth). We have our intimate relationship side that only our significant other sees. We have our parenting side, our work persona, our under the influence side (pick any type of personality altering drug or drink), our in-real-life public side, our online public side... the list goes on...

So it is with a great amount of amusement that I face raised eyebrows for being so admittedly spiritual and still having a fair number of 'bad' habits.

How can I have God in all of my life and still smoke, or cuss, or want sex, or any other thing that religiously repressed people consider unGodly?

Well, that's easy (for me anyway)... I allow for the complexities of myself.

The good and the bad ones.

Some things about me are evolved and advanced and I am grateful for them.

Other things about me are in need of change... I simply accept them as part of myself until God starts dealing with me about them.

I don't hate myself because the Bible says that I should not do something that I do.

I work with God to build, hone, and maintain my own personal moral compass.

I think, so far, it's a pretty good one... but not perfect... I can stand to change and in some areas I should... eventually.

But everything we see as an imperfection within ourselves, is not there to make us look in the mirror with loathing. Even those imperfections are put within us so that we may follow our journey, our path, His call for our life.

If I hadn't been such an angry energy in my earlier years, maybe I'd have been open to attacks that would have changed the course of my life. Maybe that black-tar of hostility was actually a shield for me to walk through my life.

I'm glad that it is gone now, and I only have occasional bouts of situational anger, but all those years that I was vibrating with viciousness, it probably saved the life that I now enjoy.

So I will not shy away from ranting when it is warranted, just because God has brought me through to a different state of being.

He didn't want us to be doormats for the world to wipe their feet upon. A little anger can be healthy. So can a lot of other 'bad' things when they're kept in balance.

So accept yourself; gifts, faults and everything in-between.

The life you save, may well be your own. Registered & Protected
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