Monday, July 20, 2009

Sometimes You Need The Visual To Tell The Story Properly

So it is, that on Sunday, I start thinking about what I'm going to share with you on Monday. Sometimes the answer is obvious and requires less than a moment's thought, and other times... it seems that I have nothing to share and I start to worry. I don't know why it would ever concern me for one second, being a mother. I mean, ask, and the Universe provides, right? Sometimes it isn't pretty though.

Last night I was on the phone with my wonderful daughter as she was making the final preparations to fly at oh-early-thirty this morning to New Jersey to visit with my aunts. It reminded me of when she was here in March.
However, I know from past experience, both mine and hers, that she will no doubt be spoiled senseless during her visit. Because my aunts are awesome like that. There will be at least one visit to a place that Jos loves, Jekyll & Hyde Club in NYC. Along with other things that she'll tell me about and I'll wish I was doing. But I'm not even jealous, just happy for her, cause what kid doesn't deserve a little spoiling when they get the President's Award and graduate with honors from elementary school?

The only thing that totally sucked rocks, was that I was on the phone with her and she was telling me all about the website for the Jekyll & Hyde Club in NYC when I hear the munchkin playing with the microwave. I jumped up and went down the hall to see thick black smoke billowing from the microwave thanks to this DVD, which the Boo asked me if he could watch, and since it WAS Eddie Murphy Delirious, as opposed to say, Eddie Murphy as Donkey in Shreck, I said no. Boo was incredulous at being told no, and decided that the DVD needed to die a painful death. Luckily he didn't burn the house down, but it did take me almost a full hour to get the inside of the microwave cleaned out so that we could use it without it catching fire or making the food taste like hideously burnt plastic. Thanks kid.

Then, I went to go tweet about it work on the computer which included chatting with my daughter to let her know we were all OK (since I unceremoniously hung up on her when I saw the fire in the microwave) and playing 140 Mafia cause I'm totally a junkie kicking butt on that game. Mainly because I'm mean as hell when I play... I started out being 'pulls the wings off of flies' mean, but over the last 24 hours I've graduated to 'tying bottle rockets to the cat's tail' mean. And I totally needed some of that to let off steam after I realized that the other morning while I was sleeping, and the munchkin was sleeping, Dad left to go help a friend with his car. No biggie, except that he didn't tell me. So the munchkin got up and was roaming free-range for like 45 minutes unsupervised. If he'd played the DVD Crucible then, hubby would have come back to two dead people and no home. I was unwinding on the computer with the door shut cause if the kid had come in at that point, my odds of going to jail were in like the 90th percentile and hubby decided that he was going to unwind from a tough day of playing video games by going in the back to read his stereo mags... again, no warning to me, whatsoever. He straps the turbo-terror-tot into his stroller, (because that's the only way we can leave him in any room by himself unless he's sleeping) gives him a sippy cup and puts on a movie for him to watch before going to the back room to read.

I come out to find my, 'I was bored sitting here all by myself, Mom. But don't worry I found a way to play quietly' munchkin looking up at me. Dad had given him fruit-punch Kool-aid and left the room. Which, as you can see, has a less dangerous, but equally clean-up-nightmare disaster-area results. Luckily for hubby me, hubby realized that he'd made a huge mistake without my having to point it out, so he cleaned up the Boo. By his standards, the living room and stroller were fine, which by the grace of God I found out about later, after I had calmed down from the evening's *festivities*.

And this is why I should never worry about what I'm going to write on Monday.

ps. Yes, hubby and Boo are both still alive. Registered & Protected


myra said...

Tell your daughter way to go keep up the good work. And as for the up and coming chef I all ways thought Eddie Murphy was half baked any way LOL.

The Retired One said...

Goodness, Aria....I would need a babysitter just for that hubby of yours!!!!!