Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hormone Hell and Thank You

I think I'm PMS-ing. I woke up this morning, and started doing the morning routine required to get hubby out the door to work. Within milliseconds I was pissed-off. First this thing, then that thing, then something else...

And my rational mind tells me that my being red-hot-poker-hot-pissed-off at hubby is MY problem, because he isn't doing anything different than he does any other morning in getting ready for work. Add in the fact that yesterday's doctor appointment left him taking 3 new medications that have the potential to cause dizziness and or brain-damaged behavior, and he was actually doing better than usual!

I didn't care, I was merciless in my anger. And that oh-so-lovely feeling of wanting to go on a full out rampage didn't leave with him--another indicator that this was All Me. But I was still pissed and I continued to bitch at and about him in-absentia, but without intent. I thought that if I just got it out--these minor 'molehill' frustrations that I've blown into 'mountains' that I could maybe get past them. I was wrong.

Nothing was helping, not even having coffee and a child that was still sleeping. Which, in the world of me, is a huge indicator that I'm in Hormone Hell. gre-aaaaat. I'm SO much fun when I descend into the bowels of PMS (biggest eye roll here that you can possibly imagine). I used to only do PMS about 2 times a year, but since I've had my son, and my tubes tied along with his arrival, the joys of PMS have found me with more frequency. Hormone Hell turns me into Sybil on mescaline--with Turret's Syndrome.

Basically if you live in a 15 mile radius, go to your basements, because she could blow at any moment. And God help you if you actually live in the same house. You won't be able to breathe correctly as far as I'm concerned. Thank goodness I'm not all the way there yet, I am just recognizing the signs that it's coming at this point. With advanced warning, maybe hubby can get himself and the baby out while they still have a chance.

So, it was in this banner-fucking-mood that I started doing my computer work today...smoldering like a poorly put-out campfire. When I got a comment from 1 Stop Mom, popped over to check out her blog and found that she had given me, not one, but TWO awards for my blog, and tagged me a few days ago (which somehow I missed the notification on that!). It made me smile. And BIG. Campfire completely doused with a lake's worth of water mixed with flame-retardant.

Therefore, it is with More-Than-Normal-Hubris that I fall down on my knees and thank 1 Stop Mom for these honors. Normally I'd be thankful for such an honor, but for pulling me out of the Hormone Hell my body was threatening to plunge me headlong in to... Well, I can only say that I thank you, my family thanks you, my cat thanks you, my mother's sister's cousin's brother thanks you. You're timing was impeccable. So, for two posts in a row, I am thanking someone. Today, I say thank you, 1 Stop Mom you made my day.

As I want to give some thought to the next move on my part for these awards, I will reserve that for it's own post (you'll understand what I mean then...) Until then, great day everybody, if I can have one, trust me, you can too!


Anonymous said...

I unfortunately experience Hormone Hell does my family.
Congrats on your award!

1stopmom said...

Oh you are so welcome. I feel you deserve those words because you are just pretty darn cool! And I have fallen head over heels for your blog and read it every day. You make me feel a little more normal. said...

this made me think how i will be when i experience hormonal changes. hope hubby will understand and hope i will be able to realize that i am already in that stage. made me scared.