Thursday, October 22, 2015

Back By Popular Demand (yeah, I know, I don't believe it either)

So, here I've been, living a quiet life in the country. 

Staying busy with work and home and kids, staying off of Facebook (other than sharing memes), returning the satellite, and kissing the internet goodbye (other than my cell phone)...


Paying attention to real life and real people.


All with, to, for, by, and about people that didn't even know I wrote...well anything other than warranty submission stories. When I would tell them that I had a defunct blog it was like I was talking about someone else.

Nobody in real life cared, and I was too tired to consider spending time on something as frivolous as a blog.

One day, *poof* job is gone.

So, I started a home business with complete approval of my man otherwise he would have killed me about eight ways and buried me in several undisclosed locations. Allegedly. where I get to help people with an amazing product that CHANGES LIVES! Truly. Including my own! 

I started a home business; now I have to do network marketing.

So I got back on Facebook.

And I started reconnecting with people that have known me for so long that they knew me under other names. 

Now for some insane, unfathomable, you've got to be fucking kidding me reason, the Universe has decided it's time to resuscitate my deader than Hillary Clinton's scruples defunct blog.

But I am hugely flattered that I recently have had more people ask me about this blog and my writing, or tell me that I need to breathe life back into that which I had given up for dead.

I don't know why. The Bloggess herself, the NY Times Best Selling Author of Furiously Happy, Jenny Lawson used to read my blog.True Story.

So here you are, my fans Jesus Aria, you sound like a total douchebag. I pray that I do your exalted you're hallucinating! are you on fucking LSD? memory of my prior work justice.

For better or worse, over two years later, I'm back. Registered & Protected

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