Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wow I Missed You... OK, Not Really, But It Sounds Better Than Life Happens

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 15:  Former Federal Res...
You mofos ain't gonna belieeeeve this shiiiit!
Yes, yes, I know... I haven't been here since August of last year.

Shame on me for leaving you hanging with no follow up to my then current upheaval. It's alright, I got what I deserved karmically for doing so... more upheaval!

I could serve you legitimate excuses the computer died again, I had to give up my internet access for financial reasons, I lost my apartment for the same reasons months later, but I won't. Life threw me some curve balls and I honestly didn't feel like chronicling them. Some were incredibly disheartening, others just lessons that I had to learn again.

So, did I learn my lesson?

Ummm... kinda...

Survey says: New Direction!

I'm not working... and here I go actually throwing myself into my writing for the first time in years. Doing the "I swear I'm serious about my writing!" thing...even if it sounds like a bullshit cop-out since I haven't worked in three months and haven't written anything of real consequence in longer than that.

Yeah. Well... fuck it, and here we go with the nitrous button broken off; which is just kind of how it always seems to work out for me. So... new...old... whatever. It's the current gameplan. *shrugs*

Like the inspiring tree of life, I embrace my twisty limbs and grow off into something a little different...even though I'm still a tree... or an Aria... same difference.

One day I'll look like Alan Greenspan (we share a birthday...just not the same financial acumen) in that picture up there... Like he's telling a rapt crowd, "HOLY SHIT! I FUCKED UP, but I survived, in fact I learned how to LIVE and look at all of you listening to me like I know something now! HA!"

So the journey begins yet again, and this time I'm writing it ALL down.

Because honestly, if I don't, no one will believe what is going on and years from now when they do my biopic it will be considered a work of fiction and then I'll be accused of plagiarism and be fined instead of paid. See the problem?

So get ready... Unabridged insanity is about to follow... or in my case: that with which the Universe has blessed me even if it sounds mental and totally made up . Registered & Protected
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