Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bitchslapped...er Suckerpunched

Thwack!Image by dawkeye via FlickrI cannot go into details... mainly because I am not going to cry and die here because it's one sided.

But ya know, it is MY blog, and I do come here to bitch, so I'll give ya enough to get the gist of the situation...

Second reason for the lack of details; I'm not putting the negative out into the Universe right now, cause I've got enough and I don't want any more of it rebounding...

See the picture? Pretend it's the guy thwackin' the girl... in actuality, it felt way more like a sucker punch.

Ok, so long and short of it, mainly short... Tx-ex, despite knowing my precarious financial situation, chose to bitchslap me in the wallet... and the face.

Yes, chose.

And the true kicker for me was that he told me that he had no choice, because we had agreed long ago to not go this route.

And I believed him... that was the sucker punch part.

I believed him partly because I just don't play dirty, so my mind doesn't work like that; and partly because it turns my stomach to think that I gave 5 years of my life and had an amazing child with someone who is that heartless and greedy.

Yeah, I said it. Greedy. Chew on that one as you read it, his allies, you know who you are. And as much as you want to defend him; I promise you my viewpoint is well earned. So tell ya what, in 5 years come back and talk to me about whether or not I'm accurate.

Enough of the stand and defend; God knows what He knows and He will handle this.

I have my responsibility to handle and I will. It just means a total life shift including dropping school and losing what little time I have to spend with my son, but hey, that's just how it looks right now.

I'm human and my view is limited to these options. God's view is Universal and is not bound by such things.

Anyway, this will not dim my glow. This will NOT end me. God has brought me this far and I am walking in faith here.

And I have amazing friends who have held me up when my knees went out from under me this morning. Thank you all... you're incredible and I love you.

God knows what I need, and He will send it... hopefully on swift wings; but whenever it comes, it will be at the right time.

Have a great day y'all... whenever you read this.

Until next time... blessings!

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