Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Excuse Me Father, Have You Seen My Habit

Black & White ReligionImage by SEOULMAN66 via FlickrWell, I've been living something of a monastic lifestyle these past weeks.

I quit smoking... yes again... and by the Grace of God for the last damn time.

I gave up soft drinks and mix-sweet drinks for bottled water.

I eat quite sparingly and started exercising; at this rate I'll be bikini ready by labor day... ok, for reals, Halloween.

And last night my job was so So SO frustrating to me that I all but flipped the bird at the camera and walked out... which, of course, I didn't do because I enjoy the finer things in life... like a roof over my head and the ability to wash clothes with soap.

But I came home in this funk... this kinda pissy, quick-witted, snapperish, funk.

So when I woke up with it as well... exacerbated by a phone call from child support trying to get more money that I don't have and don't know how to make... yeah, it was time to get off my dead ass and go back to church... for like the third or fourth time this week.

Cause this week's been pretty sucky... emotionally, mentally, psychically, situationally...

And I started back to school yesterday. After a huge long leave of absence that I took when the computer died.

So when I was in church this morning and God told me not to get on facebook or yahoo chat today, in fact not speak to or text anyone other than my one friend who is going through it due to a death in the family, I of course said  OUCH  Yessir. I knew it was a sacrifice of one day that I had to give God.

So I'm sitting in quiet meditation and cooking quasi-real food for the first time in weeks and this post and my school website are the only places I've actively gone to on the web (yahoo homepage doesn't count!).

And I know that this break from the world will help me... recharge my batteries, reset my priorities, clean my spirit, and increase my glow.

And just like quitting smoking, I'm in full blown day one withdrawals. *eyetwitch* I'm ITCHING to goto chat! I remembered three songs I wanted to look up on YouTube,*eyetwitch*  I know certain friends have posted on facebook and I'm fidgeting with anticipation, and to top it off, I promised someone last night that I would call today.*eyetwitch*

But all these things will be there tomorrow... or they will not. And either way, I promised God and He will work it out for my benefit. I simply have to get through the DT's. *eyetwitch*

I'm going to go lie down for a few before I come back to my schoolwork...

OMFG, I can't even go on facebook to make sure that networked blogs picks this up and posts it!


God owes me... this is worse than quittin' cigs....

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